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Customer Experience Management - CX Governance

Jeff Sheehan
Sep 7
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The 7 Jobs of CX Governance 

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In several studies, CX leaders are saying that one of their most significant obstacles to improving the customer experience is the lack of cooperation across the organization. CX Governance is the strategic task of setting the organization’s overarching CX goals, direction, plans, and accountability frameworks and supporting their execution. 

CX Governance is strategically vital as it provides a deliberate means to act, measure, and orchestrate the CX program across organizati

onal boundaries. It does this by performing seven different jobs. It is important to note that these jobs do not have to be performed by seven separate people, and they can be combined into individual, team, or committee responsibilities. The important thing is that each of these seven jobs is addressed in the CX Governance function, illustrated in the figure below:

The Seven Jobs of CX Governance 

Job 1

CX Sponsorship is the job of a member of the senior leadership team of the organization, ideally the Chief Executive Officer, who provides overall sponsorship, guidance, and resource for the establishment and management of the aCX program. The level of seniority of CX sponsorship underscores the organization’s commitment to a CX program, being more customer focused, improving cross-functional collaboration, and formalizing the organization’s customer experience management goals. 

This job also includes deciding where the CX program and its staff and budget will reside in the organization. It may also include assigning a full-time leader for the CX program. Establishing a dedicated person to staff the setup and management of the organization’s CX program can be a very early step in the process of building a CX program in any organization. 

Job 2

Developing a CX Strategic Plan, is another critical job. It begins to form the intended purpose and expected outcomes of the organization’s new CX program. 

Job 3

Putting together a Customer Understanding, or Voice of the Customer function, is a critical task, especially when the organization wants to evolve to a customer centric operating model. 

Job 4

The job of CX Operations can include incorporating CX principles into the design of products, services, and processes, establishing an Improvement Council, and processes for incorporating customer feedback insights into the rhythm of operational improvement decisions. This job also includes CX metrics reporting and the management of the portfolio of CX projects and their impact across the organization. CX Operations should include “dotted line” members from the marketing, data science, finance, legal & compliance, human resources, and IT teams. One of the critical elements of CX Operations in the CX Governance function is data privacy and security for the customer information collected and used in the CX program. 

Job 5

The job of CX Investments can be done on an ad hoc basis since it is unlikely there will be a continuous procurement of CX tools. A committee can handle this within the CX Governance team running the internal research with stakeholders, selecting, procuring, and implementing any CX tools such as a customer feedback management platform, third-party customer research, or management consulting services. 

Job 6

The job of Culture and Organization is a strategic one and would include the human resources department working with CX program leadership on the people aspect of organizational change management. This is also where the organization may procure other expertise (e.g., new hires to CX team, management consultants, CX training expertise) to provide assessments and guidance. 

Job 7

Then, of course, there is the job of CX Impact. This involves defining the metrics to be used and the benchmarks for those metrics for the organization. It can also include competitive analysis with internal and external assessments. CX Impact is not merely the reviewing of CX metrics scores. It is central to the CX Governance function that the total impact of the CX program be measured and assessed for its effectiveness against the benchmarks developed here and the strategic purpose of a CX program in the organization. 

As a standing committee, the CX governance function should have a regular cadence of scheduled meetings to align all of the core CX functions in a CX program into a holistic, well-managed effort to drive customer intimacy and business results. This is an executive forum where the CX leader can seize opportunities to elevate the importance of the CX program, the results delivered to the organization, and its customers generated by this program, and how the CX program is contributing to the organization’s strategic objectives. This is also a forum for tackling the issues which are preventing a CX program’s success. These can include too many CX projects taxing capacity on the supply side, organizational change fatigue, budget challenges, shifting business priorities, and turf battles in the employee culture. 

At the center of CX governance is delivering aligned outcomes. A CX program focused solely on improving customers’ experience with little regard for the organization’s commercials is doing the business a disservice. If an organization’s CX program is too internally focused, it will not realize the benefits of understanding and delivering what customers value. The most impactful improvements are aligned outcomes for customers and the organization’s commercial results. Using CX governance to actively guide the organization along these dimensions is crucial to a deliberate and sustained CX program that delivers intentional results. 

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Jeff Sheehan

Jeff Sheehan is the  Customer Experience Advisor at CX JS Consulting.

He is a customer experience (CX) practitioner, CX author, and an active member of the global CX community. He is a passionate customer advocate whose work improves operational excellence and profitability, customer intimacy, and solutions built on the pillars of strategy, people, process, and technology. 

He develops deep skill and expertise in leadership, CX strategic planning, customer service operations, sales, digital technology programs and projects, and the use of customer feedback data analytics. He has acquired IN depth of knowledge, skills, and accomplishments in customer engagement, working with various employers, solutions, industries, and clients.

Andy is the Co-Founder and CIO of SwissCognitive - The Global AI Hub. He’s also the President of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum.

Andy is a digital enterprise leader and is transforming business strategies keeping the best interests of shareholders, customers, and employees in mind.

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