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Why nobody talks about building chatbots from scratch anymore?

Manpreet Kalsi
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Why nobody talks about building chatbots from scratch anymore?

Chatbots are taking over the market with its omnipresence across various sectors of industries today. Chatbots have single-handedly contributed to lead collection, additional revenue generation and money is saved. Remember those times when people would talk about how complex chatbots were to build? Why has everyone stopped talking about building chatbots from scratch now?

Well, what comes with a fast-paced world is a faster need for ease in building and operating technology. While creating a bot manually has its advantages- mainly not having to opt for a third party developer- using a platform is often much better for having a reliable, complete and a powerful chatbot.

What’s the main reason behind people not opting for building chatbots from scratch?

  • Coding is costly and when you need to integrate your chatbots into different platforms, it requires more coding, adding to the cost.
  • In case you’re not familiar with coding, you will require a team to do so, therefore requiring more investments and resources.
  • The developer has to make sure all the data is secure.
  • It is time-consuming.
  • Appropriate use of NLP and Machine learning is necessary. Sometimes NLP engines come with fixed NLP selection which might not cover all the requirements of your enterprise.
  • Regular chatbot testing is essential when it comes to keeping up with the evolving demands of the customers. To do this you’ll require a separate team set with the required skills.
  • Chatbots can come off as cold and “robotic” in their tone and no customer would keep the conversation on for long, causing lead degradation. Hence, when you build a chatbot you will have to employ emotional intelligence and personalise the answers, which is again time-consuming and money minting.
  • It has limited scope.

So what makes Chatbot platforms better than manually building bots?

The benefits availed by chatbot builders are many. Now you don’t need to be a programmer or be a certified coder to make chatbots. You can simply just drag and drop from a set of pre-defined functionalities, with some scope to modify and customize them for your specific business objectives. The key aspects- Machine learning and Natural Language Processing have already been imbedded into these bots, so all you have to do is- create a conversational flow and tasks that you want to automate. It’s simpler, faster, cheaper, reliable and future-proof.

Now at Engati, one of the best chatbot building platforms, we offer:

  • Build bots under 10 minutes, without the need for coding and processing tool.
  • It’s available on 12 different platforms and consists one code base for all.
  • It’s embedded with emotional intelligence and conversational flow which gives the user a personalised experience.
  • It is multilingual, serving upto 21 languages. It gives your business an opportunity to go overseas and build connections beyond borders, without having to worry about language barriers.
  • It’s pricing is affordable and goes easy on your pocket.
  • We have a backend team who do regular chatbot testing and make sure a smooth working of the chatbots.
  • It uses SaaS based platform and open stack technologies which provide you with high-class customer experience.

To know more about the differences between building a chatbot from scratch and opting for chatbot platforms, read our last blog here. You can also read up more blogs on our product here.

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Hope you found this blog helpful. Happy botting!

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