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Wearables vs The Virus | João Bocas | Engati CX

Aishwarya Sankhé
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Wearables vs The Virus | João Bocas | Engati CX

We're thrilled to have João Bocas, The Wearables Expert, join us on this episode of Engati Engage. We spoke about wearable technology, the healthcare industry,and how wearable technology can help in the war against COVID-19.

Joao Bocas on Wearables vs the Virus

João Bocas is World's #1 Wearables Thought Leader & Keynote Speaker. He is a globally recognized business thought leader, mentor, advisor, and entrepreneur.

With over 25 years of hands-on experience in Professional Sport and Corporate environments working with senior management, Boards and executive teams. João has worked across Healthcare, Financial Services, Media, Sporting, and Third and Public Sector organizations.

He was a Finalist in the Great British Entrepreneurs Awards ,2015; a Top 100 Global Digital Health Influencer, and is a global advisor and board member of several tech companies.

Wearables Technology- João Bocas on Video

Wearables vs The Virus

This section will contain a summary of our interview with João. But, if you'd like to hear him speak, our Spotify Podcast is embedded below.

What is wearable technology, how does it go beyond what most of us think it is?

Many people think wearable technology is limited to smartwatches. However, that's a myth.

We can essentially refer to any electronic device that can be worn on the human body as wearable technology.

We now have smart clothing, smart shoes, e-textile...even your air-pods count as wearables- they're now called hearables.

How can wearables help fight the COVID Crisis?

With the novel coronavirus, patients need to be isolated. They shouldn't be around other people.

But, then how could their temperature and other symptoms be monitored? How can we know if they're recovering?

Wearables provide remote monitoring capabilities. That certainly makes them a great fit for this job. They have the power to give us access to the person's insights, body signs, and vital signs necessary to diagnose the patients.

So, wearables could be very useful for tracking symptoms remotely and potentially protecting patients and healthcare workers from unnecessary exposure.

How are chatbots changing customer support in the healthcare industry? 

Chatbots in healthcare industry are currently used as symptom checkers.

They  are using bots for initial scrutiny and assessment. So, the patient has a small conversation with the chatbot. They give you an initial appraisal.

If the condition does not appear to be severe, they ask you to keep an eye on your temperature or symptoms. But, if the condition seems severe, they recommend a professional consultant.

How is AI helping your clients and what major change does one see after incorporating it?

Healthcare is all about creating better outcomes for the patient and AI is certainly impacting it widely.

It helps us manage more data, reduce costs, reducing treatment times up to 50%, and improving the accessibility of information.

Through this, AI in healthcare certainly helps improve patient care.

Wearables vs The Virus- A Spotify Podcast with João Bocas

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Engati CX

We hope this interview helped you understand how wearable technology can be used in the healthcare industry.  Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find João Bocas

João has a lot of knowledge when it comes to wearable technology and their uses. Reach out to him on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more from him.

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