Understanding Digital transformation | Vladimer Botsvadze | Engati CX

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Understanding Digital transformation | Vladimer Botsvadze | Engati CX

Technology will eat up everything ahead" according to the globally renowned digital marketing influencer, Vladimer Botsvadze. Enjoy a discussion on digital transformation, conversational intelligence, and the changes in the digital world. We finally get a little personal- discussing how AI impacts our work and relationships. All on the newest episode of Engati CX.

Vladimer Botsyadze on the importance of AI and how can it help connect right Auidence.

Vladimer Botsvadze is a globally-renowned, multi-award winning digital transformation and marketing influencer, Fortune 500 consultant, professor, coach, trainer, keynote speaker, and media personality. With over 14 years of international experience, he works globally with Fortune 500 brands, Financial Times top 100 business schools, conferences, and trade associations to help them discover practicality, gain a competitive advantage, and prepare for the future. He is the first international thought leader to achieve ‘’The Sevenfold Crown’' No. 1 Marketing, Sales, Retail, Supply Chain, Management, Procurement, and Social Media Ranking by Thinkers360. He is ranked No. 2 Global Retail Tech Influencer by GlobalData. As an internationally recognized expert in marketing and innovation, Vladimer is ranked by Klear and Kred in the top 1% of global social media influencers.

Vladimer is widely recognized for his visionary leadership and trailblazing innovation. Through his speaking, consulting, teaching, mentoring, startup advising, and coaching services companies have grown from a groundbreaking idea into the fastest growing companies. He has been praised by American Airlines, Intel, and Jaguar for his unparalleled experienced, unrivaled track record, and unmatched professionalism. He has been recommended by London Business School, Google, MasterCard, Forrester Research, and other leading global brands.

Vladimer is an official member of SpeakerHub, where he is rated one of the leading tech thought leaders alongside Marissa Mayer, Robin Sharma, Robert Herjavec, Kevin Systrom, and others. He has been described as ‘’the world’s best digital marketing consultant and speaker’’, ‘’a visionary and an early adopter in the digital realm’’, and ‘’wizard at social media’’.

With persistence and patience, Vladimer has initiated and continued a process of constant self-education, which has distinguished him as an influencer in digital marketing, social media, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence. Vladimer has risen to global prominence since he became a top influencer on Twitter (56,600 followers), LinkedIn (24,260 followers), and Instagram (11,100 followers), a total of 125,00 engaged followers from 1142 cities and 185 countries.

Video of our interview with Vladimer Botsvadze on Digital Transformation

PS. If you'd rather listen to Vladimer speak, we have our Spotify podcast embedded at the bottom of this page.

Summary of Our Interview with Vladimer Botsvadze

Firstly, we ask about Digital Transformation- what is so exciting about it? Digital transformation creates new business transformations. Customer experiences are accordingly changing to meet business and market requirements. He is definitely excited by how AI will have an impact on the business of work. He believes that AI will play the biggest role in digital transformation. 
According to Vladimer-

AI is the battleground on which the long term of business success will be decided. AI-powered Organizations are getting ahead.

Vladimer believes AI is essential for brand building. 

“AI brings a whole new definition to human interaction. The majority of marketers have adopted AI to reduce the amount of person to person interactions between a customer and the business. AI builds a better company culture. AI connects us with the right audience, and helps in building a personal brand for their image.”

Vladimer shares the statistics with us, showing us how Conversational AI saves money and time. He shares his insights on how it’s changing the game, and how brands will enjoy incorporating social media into their marketing strategy. 

Listen to Vladimer share his wisdom in this Engati CX podcast:

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Spotify Podcast with Vladimer Botsvadze on Digital Transformation

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We hope you’ve gained a lot of value from this interview with Vladimer Botsvadze. Stay tuned for more interviews with thought leaders from across the world. Engati CX will be back with another episode soon. You might also want to check out this webinar on digital transformation to know the unique challenges of transforming a global procurement operation and how to mitigate those challenges to avoid roadblocks.

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