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Trend tracking with Artificial Intelligence | Chris N. West | Engati CX

Aishwarya Sankhé
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Trend tracking with Artificial Intelligence | Chris N. West | Engati CX

Chris N. West, Founder & President of LR Training Solutions, shares the importance of trend tracking with Artificial Intelligence in this episode of Engati CX. Read on to find out how to use these tools to leverage your business and SEO presence.

Chris is the Founder & President of  LR Training Solutions, a corporate training company based in Houston, Texas. Chris was awarded the Nido Qubein scholarship by the National Speakers Association (NSA) for his MBA.

Clients bring Chris in as an opening keynote speaker and seminar leader on digital marketing.

His talks have been presented to teams in Germany, Canada, and the UK. Chris is an influential board member of organizations such as the Black NSA and American Marketing Association-San Antonio.

He has also in the list Top 50 Black Entrepreneurs & Professionals in Texas D-Mars

Trend tracking with Artificial Intelligence - A conversation with Chris N. West

Trend tracking with Artificial Intelligence

This section will contain a summary of our interview with Chris N. West. But, if you’d prefer to listen to the entire interview, our Spotify Podcast will be embedded below the summary.

With your expertise in Digital Marketing, what are some basics that businesses need to keep in mind in order to create an everlasting impression?

One of Chris’ biggest takeaways when it comes to digital marketing is to have a basic word presence. If people search for terms related to certain products and services, our name must come first. Oftentimes, we think about our brand or our brand name, but the reality is that we need to think about people who don’t know our name. If for example, they’re searching for clothes in your city and country, they’ll search for generic terms like “clothing in the city.” They won’t look for your brand name. So it’s our job to ensure our name is the first on Google for our actual products and services.

The next is to make sure we’re focusing on different channels of digital marketing. Some people focus on growing on a certain channel. The reality again is to expand to different channels and to explore how it all can work together.

Here’s a bonus tip- one of the biggest mistakes is to not have your own website. A lot of people these days think having just a social media presence is enough. That’s not a good idea. Have a basic website with a few pages of important, valuable content because that will bring you traffic and boost your SEO.

Governments are relaxing lockdowns to some extent, but most people are still at home, getting more screen time than they were before the lockdowns. How should businesses step up their digital marketing game to connect with them?

Something that Chris is passionate about is trend tracking. He wanted to see what people were searching for and typing in. With the use of a tool called “Google trends,” he saw something interesting last month. He did a search on “yoga studio,” versus “online yoga studio,” to see what was trending more.

Turns out, “online yoga studio” had more searches. With the lockdown in place, businesses stepped up their marketing game by providing content online. They provided online courses on their website and had lessons to teach people. Regardless of whether it was on their own website or on YouTube, they thought about how to reach their customers online.

Nowadays we’re forced to become creative to reach more people. Even musicians are providing content by streaming their concerts on platforms like Instagram. They’ve realized that any way to grow their presence is good. When they have such a strong online presence by conducting these events, people are more likely to purchase their product.

Overall, we have to learn how to transition online for the time-being. And we need to remember the skills that we learnt now, and continue using them even after we’re back to normal.

Chris highly recommends using Google trends. It gives you a good idea about what content to post and share and what’s going on at the moment.

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Trend tracking with AI – A Spotify Podcast with Chris N. West

Chris shares his thoughts on what tools are going to act as game-changers in the new world. Tools like automation and AI, he answers how to leverage these tools to evolve after the pandemic. He shares how to use voice-searches to optimize your digital presence and how digital marketing will change overall.

Listen to the full interview here:

Engati CX

We hope you learned a lot about the importance of trend tracking with artificial intelligence. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Chris N. West

Chris is a profound speaker on digital trends and marketing. Check out his talks on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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