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Top 30 Marketing Influencers you need to follow for 2023

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September 15, 2023
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Marketing Influencers you need to follow

To be successful and cut through the noise, you must keep up with the latest trends and consistently improve your strategies. Influencer marketing, social media marketing, brand awareness, and marketing automation have transformed the landscape.

And if we want to succeed as business owners in 2022, we must stay up to date.

Without a good marketing guru, a brand is simply that: A brand.

But, if you come across a top marketer like some of the folks mentioned below, you don't have to be concerned about your brand being overlooked.

Get inspired by the following marketing influencers, who are all exceptional and bring their own unique take to the table.

Steph Hermanson 

Steph Hermanson is the Chief Revenue Officer at Atomic Revenue.

Customers want to self-serve, they don’t want to waste their time, they’re smart.

Digital ROI is their love language. Most people get confused between ROI with the number of likes, shares, sentiments whereas digital ROI is the same everywhere.

Keith Keller

Twitter Marketing specialist, Keith Keller talks about the 3 Pillars of content marketing in this interview. 

He also speaks about the kinds of content that businesses need to be creating and the power that each of these types carries.

Michael King

Marketing Technologist, Michael King spoke about digital marketing, AI, SEO Content, and building scalable brands.

Michael also weighed in on the age-old debate- whether to create content for the people or for the search engines.

Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly, Owner of Women’s Inspire Network talks about Making Brands Social on Engati CX. 

She says Your personality offline will be the same online, people can clearly see what you are doing and you cant pretend.

Dr. Robin Kiera

Dr. Robin Kiera, Consulting & Marketing Agency and Personal & Virtual Speaker - talks about "B2B on TikTok and Content Targeting".

He says Tiktok can be used as a medium for B2B purposes as it has worked for 50age since a lot of people go there and they have a large audience plus it is organic.

Andy Mura

Andy Mura, Head Of Marketing at ExB Group talks about Cognitive process automation. 

He introduces speed and personalization as the two key points that help in creating a better customer experience.

Adriana Tica

Adriana Tica, Owner of Copywritech talks about content marketing chatbots.

She says, “Just be regular with respect to content, you don’t have to exhaust yourself and write extensively every day because google favors regular behavior, and things don’t change overnight so have patience and trust the process.”

Muntazir Haider

Muntazir Haider, Lead Consultant & Corporate Trainer at The Brand Consultants talks about 'The Marketing Transformation' saying AI has changed drastically the way things are and in 5 years it will change more.

Cyril Bladier

Cyril Bladier, Sales & Marketing CEO at Business-on-Line talks about how to enhance B2B Marketing with automation.

He says businesses should find opportunities to use automation and a chatbot can play an important role in customer service. He also mentions that bots can be a game-changer for an organization.

Christoph Trappe

Christoph Trappe, Chief Content & Marketing Officer at The Authentic Storytelling Project talks about Tools to enhance marketing campaigns.

He says brands should focus more on fresh and new content. Most brands who do this, already have a huge audience and those who have fewer followers want to get seen.

Tom Pick

Tom Pick, Senior B2B Digital Marketing Consultant at Webbiquity LLC while talking about the B2B Marketing Tool Belt says B2C and B2B influencers are different and it is important to distinguish as B2C is more image-oriented. 

This is where the ethics, concern, and lack of credibility come in and B2B influencers have very different knowledge-oriented and are more credible because they are highly knowledge-based.

Howard Wolpoff

Howard Wolpoff, Chief Marketing Strategist at Profit Master Business Solutions talks about Engaging Digitally on.

He highlights how to craft the perfect digital strategy using AI, tech, data, and analytics.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown, Editor and Marketing Communication Consultant talks about how chatbots can be used for successful brand launches.

He says, “When the whole world is moving towards digital, businesses have to be honest with customers, try new tech, like chatbots can be an amazing tool and you have to listen to your customers first.” 

Ardath Albee

Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist talks about Knowing your audience with AI. She says it’s important to understand your audience and focus on your buyers. Customer needs quick answers and chatbots can reply fast they can serve the purpose immediately.

AI helps with presenting the right content on the website as AI is gaining more importance with forced digital transformation.

Alvin Foo

Alvin Foo, Emerging Tech & Marketing Evangelist, and Co-Founder of DAOventures talks about upcoming the Evolving Mobile Technology. 

He talks about how rapidly mobile technology is evolving how small businesses are leveraging mobile technology in this fast-paced tech world.

Sue Duris

Sue Duris, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience, M4 communications talks about the 3 metrics of CX programming.

She says that it's important to reach out to the customer and get their feedback. She says that we need to make the customer persona and map their journeys.

Laura Patterson

Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing Inc talks about the 5 important elements to keep in mind while delivering the best quality service.

She maps the process behind making persona-based customer loyalty systems.

William Ammerman

William Ammerman, Transformative Sales & Marketing Leader talks to us about how can businesses “unlearn” and transform their media models to suit the current business climate.

He talks about how can startups combat Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning.

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer at B Squared Media, LLC talks about The fusion of marketing & tech saying digital transformation is painful and gives uncertain returns.

He says, “Technology is a tool and opportunity for us to be at our best. It's up to us how we adapt.”

Joanne Moretti

Joanne Moretti is the Founder and CEO of JCurve Digital. Joanne is a world-class go-to-market executive. She’s the real deal with 30+ Years in the High Tech Industry.

On Engati CX, Joanne teaches us how we can transform your business into a global powerhouse with data and analytics.

Elise Quevedo

Elise Quevedo is known as “The Digital Ghost Queen” for her behind-the-scenes work, helping businesses and individuals from C-Level executives to Hollywood stars thrive in cyberspace.

According to Elise, technology needs to focus less on being fancy, it needs to focus more on the value that users gain from it. Even our social media needs to be less about us selling, and more of us providing value to our customers.

Ian Moyse

Ian Moyse, Chief Revenue Officer at OneUp Sales and Technology Sales Leader mentions how 2020 was all of the personalized branding and people like when there are personalized messages and personalized services and how AI can be leveraged for personal branding using chatbots and conversational AI.

Jeff Barrett

Jeff Barrett, Global Influence and Communications Consultant at Adobe says that companies have to understand that the times have changed and become more flexible and adapt to the new normal which is digital. 

He highlights that marketing automation is going to play a very crucial role in the post-pandemic era. It's also important to utilize all digital tools to be omnipresent to someone who wants to reach out to your company.

Diane Magers

Diane Magers, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Experience Catalysts talk about what’s responsible for the development and execution of direct sales, management, and administration on the show.

She also highlights the most effective way to leverage different customer touchpoints

John Andrews

John Andrews, Principal at The Katadhin Company talking about shopper marketing highlights how chatbots can help businesses in the retail sector and how people rarely choose humans over automation. 

Kate O Neil

Kate O’Neill is a professional global keynote speaker.

She highlights the importance of human-centric technology & how to craft more human-centric customer experiences.

Roger Dooley

Roger Dooley, a global keynote speaker and a Neuromarketing genius talks about how AI can help with Neuromarketing and how Amazon creates amazing Customer Experiences using the same. 

Claire Boscq-Scott

Claire Boscq-Scott is a Keynote Speaker and Global CX Guru. She says AI and tech are incredible ways to understand customers, build conversations and personalize data.

Technology is incredible, but it will not replace humans. tech should be used as much as you can, but the human touch is very important and both should work in a combined way.


Dennis Wakabayashi

Dennis Wakabayashi, VP customer experience solutions delivery at RR Donnelley. Dennis says it all starts with empathy, customers, employees, citizens, stakeholders, etc when all these people work together you will see financial growth.

He even says a customer needs to be happy therefore create a safe environment - empathy.

Kate Bradley Chernis

Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO at Lately tells us how AI helps with content marketing and guides us how we use technology to improve marketing and customer experience.

She also tells us how can companies can improve their social media strategies.

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Let us know who you think should be included in our list and we’ll get in touch with them and make the magic happen!

Note: The influencers in this list are selected based on their research work, social media influence & followership, achievements, and association with the innovation in the AI domain. This article is not intended to convey any form of ranking amongst the influencers listed here.

WOMEN ARE UNSTOPPABLE! Check out the latest list of top 50 leaders who have strived to make a significant change in shaping tomorrow.

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