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     "text": "Change means growth opportunities. It allows employees to learn new skills, explore new opportunities, and exercise their creativity. This will ultimately benefit the organisation through new ideas and increase commitment."
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     "text": "1. Increase competition and promote growth.
2. Better technology advancement.
3. Escalate customer satisfaction."

Drive to Reimagine

Organizational change and it's top 3 advantages

Engati Team
Dec 18
4-5 mins

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Key takeawaysCollaboration platforms are essential to the new way of workingEmployees prefer engati over emailEmployees play a growing part in software purchasing decisionsThe future of work is collaborativeMethodology

The world is changing everyday- population, customer trends, technology, demands, economy- everything seems to be on a twist. Businesses that fail to embrace change turn out somewhat like mammoths- extinct and unable to compete with the current trading conditions. Businesses often lose their competitive edge, therefore failing to meet the ever-evolving demands of the customers. Engaging in the same old practices can turn into failure. Bringing a shift in activities performed, work, and problem solving techniques is what promotes change in an organisation.

Hence, in today’s blog, we’ll touch upon what’s organisational change, how important it is and how can your role play a vital part in it.

What is organisational change?

Change means growth opportunities. It allows employees to learn new skills, explore new opportunities, and exercise their creativity. This will ultimately benefit the organisation through new ideas and increase commitment.

Effective organisational change also attracts new customers, increases customer satisfaction, reduces costs by operations, and increase worker retention. The top management is responsible for the change, followed, and implemented by the employees.

What are the advantages of organisational change?

  • Increase competition and promote growthChange can be big or small, however, it can seriously help build competition and develop themselves. Without change, organisations would be unable to keep up with the competition thrown at them by the competitors. So while change helps rising to the competition, it can also help a business put forth itself as competition to others.When an organisation makes changes, it is attracting more customers. The competitors see this and try to develop their own ways to beat the tug-of-war. So this way, change boosts a healthy competition, as well as evolves of the old ways practiced across many interconnected organisations.
  • Better technology advancementTechnology plays a vital role in the development of an organisation. A change in technology leads to an increase in productivity and service.To beat the competition, organisations make use of newer technologies. The same obsolete ways would not work out when competitors are moving fast forward with new technologies.Change enables the employee to adopt newer technologies and helps in the growth of an organisation.
  • Escalate customer satisfactionCustomer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every business. Adapting to changes can be slightly challenging, for both the employees and the customers. But once it brings in a favourable effect, customers and employees grow used to it. Just some mere tweaks can work wonders while providing customer satisfaction.

How can you help?

So, you must be wondering how could you possibly help in all this?- Reviews and feedback. Well, it’s time for you to put your judge wigs on and provide us with what you think about us. Everything is out there for you to review- from our blogs, to our AI chatbots, bot marketplace, features, etc.

Customer feedback is information provided by clients about whether they’re satisfied or dissatisfied with a product or service and the general experience they had with a company. Customer reviews are a resource for improvising customer experience and adjusting our actions according to your needs.

How your feedback helps:

  • Improve products and services
  • Helps measure customer satisfactions
  • Shows how much the company values your opinions
  • Create better customer experience
  • Improve customer retention
  • A reliable source of information for other customers
  • Helps in business decisions

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Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

Andy is the Co-Founder and CIO of SwissCognitive - The Global AI Hub. He’s also the President of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum.

Andy is a digital enterprise leader and is transforming business strategies keeping the best interests of shareholders, customers, and employees in mind.

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