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50 Technology Leaders in The Middle East

Engati Team
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September 20, 2023
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Technology Leaders in The Middle East

The Middle Easterns are known for their inventions and discoveries, from giving us algebra and algorithms to soaps and toothbrushes. And are also recognized for their food, philosophy, the Nile, perfumes, and science.

Talking about science and technology, the Middle East is on the frontier to be the technology and business hub, connecting East and West of the world. They are not satisfied with being the regional leader, but now the ambition is to go global and lead globally.

Engati is extending a list of 50 Technology Leaders in the Middle East who are turning new leaves, bringing change, and stepping stones for the future. Following is the array of powerful thought leaders, tech advocates, entrepreneurs, tech evangelists, data scientists & keynote speakers from the Middle East.

Technology Leaders in The Middle East:

Salvatore Traina

LinkedIn | Virgin Mobile MEA

Salvatore has more than 20 years of experience with technology, software/mobile network architectures, and the telecommunications industry. He's the group chief technology officer for Virgin Mobile (MEA), specializing in GSM UMTS LTE networks architecture, IT BSS/OSS platforms, System architecture, and fixed wireless access for broadband services. 

Adnan Naseem

LinkedIn | Emirates

With over 22 years of global experience, Adnan is a customer-focused technology and digital transformation leader, currently the head of strategic technology portfolio with one of the prestigious Airlines, Emirates. He has worked on tech transformations including Agile ways of working, SAFe, Cloud Transformation, and DevOps with blue-chip organizations like Unilever, GE Capital, GE Power Systems, MassMutual Financial Group, Honda, BMW, and Audi. 

Hajar Al Maazmi

LinkedIn | Ajman Bank

Hajar Al Maazmi is the head of information technology at Ajman Bank, having expertise in core banking, retail banking, IT management, and product management. She has more than 18 years of experience in the banking industry and works towards women's empowerment & education. 

Saud Al Dhawyani

LinkedIn | Emirates NBD

Saud is a passionate futurist interested in science, business, and technology. He has been associated with Emirates NBD for more than 9 years and is currently the chief technology officer at the organization. He aims to create professional and resilient solutions of the highest standard with his unparallel knowledge and leadership skills. 

Gregory Morwood

LinkedIn | Zand

Gregory is a highly motivated senior technology leader with an entrepreneurial flair and wide-ranging skillset, CTO at Zand, experienced in transformational program delivery, strategic planning, and service operations and management roles.

Binoo Joseph

LinkedIn | Emaar

Binoo is a tech leader, startup mentor, and currently the chief technology/innovation officer at Emmar Group. He is experienced in enterprise transformation, enterprise architecture, digital strategy, and emerging tech, working with multiple industry verticals like retail, eCommerce, real estate, malls, and hospitality. 

Dr. Mahmoud Sherif 

LinkedIn | Du

Dr. Mahmoud is the head of the IT & technology strategy at Du, having experience in strategy, design, development, and implementation of next-generation networks technologies. He is also a researcher and the co-author of a book titled “Design, Deployment, and Performance of 4G-LTE Networks: A Practical Approach”.

Eyad Kashkash

LinkedIn | Al Ramz

Eyad is an excellent Project Manager, his ability to easily navigate between business, technology, and across business units, to solve complex challenges, makes him an exceptional leader. He is the group head of technology at Al Ramz, having expertise in Scrum Master, program management, financial services & investment banking solutions, brokerage solutions, and assets management solutions. 

Hailey Yoon

LinkedIn | IO21

Hailey is the co-founder & CTO of IO21, a programming mentor at Women in Tech, developing blockchain systems, AI & ML algorithms, web/mobile apps, and more. She is a humanitarian working with World Vision, supporting underprivileged children from South Africa. 

Joe Tesfai


Joe is the CTO of Public Investment Fund (PIF) Projects of Saudi Arabia, a business-centric leader who blends profound technological expertise with strong business acumen and interpersonal skills to consistently deliver high growth, productivity, and transformation in the Corporate environment. 

Ali H Ghunaim

LinkedIn | C.S. Hospital

Mr. Ghunaim has more than 15 years of experience in IT, is a keynote speaker, and is the director of information technology at Canadian Specialist Hospital. He has developed an e-healthcare system focused on making hospitals go paperless and leading data centers, technical service centers, production scheduling functions, help desks, communication networks at Canadian Specialist Hospital.

Shrikant A. Kabboor 

LinkedIn | Arada

Shrikant is a valued member of the executive management team, worked in corporate leadership roles like as CIO and CTO, and is the chief technology officer at Arada. He is experienced in executing large-scale digital transformation programs and innovative technology solutions enabling competitive advantage to the business.

Dr. Khulood Almani

LinkedIn | Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University

Khulood Almani is a digital entrepreneurial consultant, committed university professor with over 20 years of experience teaching students at leading Saudi universities including King Saud University and Princess Nora University. She is the founder of VTA, which is a digital age mission to connect innovators, founders, mentors, advisers, and early teams. 

Nithin Geo Thomas

LinkedIn | Amity Dubai

Nithin is a technocrat with one and a half decades of rich experience in IT infrastructure management, head of information technology at Amity University Dubai, an expert in project management, technical training, server management, network management, infrastructure development, and education. 

Adam Docrat

LinkedIn | Aster Pharmacy

Adam is a strategic thinker and a visionary leader, the director of information technology at Aster Pharmacy, skilled in negotiation, Microsoft dynamics, management, project implementation, and Training.  He is a strong information technology professional with a bachelor of science (BSc), focused in Information Systems (Networks). 

Amjad Abbas

LinkedIn | Algorthma

Mr. Abbas is a master in Blockchain Technology & Business, has 20+ years of IT experience, an evangelist of digital transformation, smart solutions, & emerging technologies. He's the chief technology officer at Algorythma, having executive experience in business development,  ERP, CRM, enterprise software, program management, and IT strategies. 

Ali Safri

LinkedIn | Avanza Innovations

Ali heads the presales and consulting unit at AVANZA Solutions, has worked as a technical architect, project and program manager, and also the head of the innovation unit at AVANZA. He manages a pool of consultants and presales engineers for engagement across the Middle East, APA, and Africa. 

Arun Tewary

LinkedIn | Finesse Global

Mr. Tewary is proficient in creating new business lines, facing digital transformation challenges, executing new IT operating models, and implementing technology plans. He's the strategic advisor and director at Finesse Global and director of information technology at Alpine Group. He's also a keynote speaker and has received the “Arab Technology Award” in 2011 for best implementation in Travel & Hospitality sector.

Khaldun S.A Al Khaldi

LinkedIn | Dubai Islamic Bank

Mr. Khaldun is a technically minded and performance-driven IT Leader with extensive experience in building, managing, and improving best-in-class IT infrastructures, operations, and optimizing security measures. He's the vice president & head of enterprise infrastructure services at Dubai Islamic Bank, and an expert at monitoring critical security areas, including incident response, and disaster recovery. 

Fatima Zada

LinkedIn | Majid Al Futtaim

Fatima is currently the chief technology officer at Majid al Futtaim and is leading the company’s digital transformation. Her career blends computing with cutting-edge fashion. A computer science graduate from Brunel University and the French Lycée, she attended London Fashion School before working in IT roles for French Connection and Burberry. 

Shahul Hameed

LinkedIn | Abu Dhabi Ports 

Shahul Hameed is an expert in implementing package acquisition projects, an expert in project management, IT project lifecycle, business & IT planning, and the information technology project manager at Abu Dhabi Ports. He has 14+ years of experience in analyzing and implementing ERP & web applications for leading retail, FMCG, logistics, and real estate businesses.

Elmar van Emmenis

LinkedIn | Oracle 

Mr. Emmenis is the technology consulting MEA leader at Oracle (Dubai), experienced in IT strategy formulation, governance practices, and operational execution, with 22 years of industry experience. He has a special interest in central banking solutions and performance management and is an expert at project/program management, enterprise architecture, and SOA. 

Christine Ragy

LinkedIn | eHealthEG

Christine specializes in enterprise resource planning, organizational management, strategic planning, and technology operations functions. She's heading the technology solutions at eHealthEG and working towards building and coaching successful teams to achieve organizational goals.

Medhat El Husseiny

LinkedIn | Etisalat Misr

Medhat has extensive engineering experience in developing network architecture/technological roadmap for mobile/fixed operators with the most cost-effective solutions and is the chief technology officer at Etisalat. Medhat is a people person and an expert in vendor/performance management, RFI/RFQ, and managing mega telecom projects. 

Prashanthi Reddy

LinkedIn | TerraPay

Prashanthi is a highly committed and accountable techpreneur, strategist, technologist, coach, global transformation leader, senior vice president for business strategy & delivery at TerraPay, and the founder of NOWMENA. She has worked and created an impact around industries like banking, finance, retail, and IT in the US, UK, Europe, and India. 

Sughosh Nagendra

LinkedIn | FAB (Bank) 

Sughosh is a proud Mysorean, digital/cloud enabler, head of technology & operations at First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB). He is a passionate and engaging communicator with a deep knowledge of technology & IT best practices. He has broad financial services experience in global banking franchises with large in-country & cross-continental teams across the US, Middle East, Asia & Europe delivering sustainable results.

Hamd Bilal Tahir

LinkedIn | DevNation

Hamd is a tech geek, an entrepreneur, data science consultant, software developer, Co-founder & CTO of DevNation. His expertise covers fields like MERN stack with a focus on React, Node, and Typescript, and have worked extensively on Bioinformatics, Cancer Genomics, statistics, and Machine Learning using R. 

Ahmed Abdelrahman

LinkedIn | Bayzat

Ahmed is an expert & Geek Senior developer with steady business understanding and a great problem solver. He's currently the chief technology officer with Bayzat having more than 10 years of experience in technology and product leadership in building secure and scalable platforms, with domain knowledge in online advertising, eCommerce, and telecommunications.

Shereen Fahmy

LinkedIn | DXC Technology

Shereen is the strategic consultant and CTO for DXC Technology, with extensive experience in architecture models, fintech, digital transformation, and modernization programs. She has been passionately working on business strategies, market changes, and developing technology plans, bringing innovation, ensuring enterprises unlock their business values.

Praveen Sashi

LinkedIn | DHL Express

Praveen Sashi is the regional head of digitalization for DHL Express MENA and holds additional responsibilities as senior director of IT and logistics at DHL Express. He is also a successful intrapreneur who is well experienced and deeply passionate about startups, a keynote speaker, and recipient of several recognitions and business excellence awards.

Yuri Misnik

LinkedIn | KKR & Co. Inc.

Yuri is a business-focused pragmatic senior technologist, international speaker, and keynote presenter with a passion for cloud and big data/AI. He's the executive technology advisor for KKR & Co. Inc., experienced in driving digital technology transformation in large public, private, and government organizations, building and executing modern IT strategies, and modernizing business-critical IT. 

Sami Al-Rowaithey

LinkedIn | Alinma Bank

Sami is the chief digital officer for Alinma Bank, a senior banking professional with extensive experience in digital banking, digital transformation, digital ventures, customer experience, profitability management, process efficiency, brand building, and Marketing.

Thomas Cherian

LinkedIn | Mashreq Bank

Thomas offers vision & leadership for developing & implementing novel technology initiatives and is currently the executive vice president and head of technology for Mashreq Bank. His areas of expertise include digital solution delivery, program & portfolio management, big tech & fintech partnerships, disruptive innovation, and financial management. 

Milad Aslaner

LinkedIn | SentinelOne

Milad is the head of the technology advisory group for SentinelOne and one of those persons who masters the skill of understanding customer needs and connecting this back into engineering. He has served as a trusted advisor for several global organizations across the oil & gas, financial services, the public sector, and aviation industries.

Preeti Mulchandaney

LinkedIn | Supermeal Arabia

Preeti is a computer engineer with a flair for creativity. She has been working on resolving complex problems and determining the proper resolutions for the organizations. She is a quick learner, innovator, agile thinker, and is currently the head of technology for Supermeal Arabia. 

Shino Thomas

LinkedIn | National Bank of Oman

Shino has launched Oman’s first digital KYC-enabled product purchase for prepaid cards to drive low-cost deposit and fee income from other bank customers. He is the senior VP head PMO/CTO, technology transformation for the National Bank of Oman. His areas of expertise include core banking, digital banking, middleware services, CRM, and investment solutions. 

Ellis Wang

LinkedIn | Mashreq Bank

Ellis is currently senior executive vice president of Mashreq Bank, group head of technology, transformation, and information. He has worked as a senior consultant of McKinsey & Company, providing digital transformation consultants for its global clients, especially in China Alibaba eCommerce, Alipay O2O, Fresh Hema's new retail automation, and data-driven operations.

Shivagami Gugan

LinkedIn | IDC Technologies

Shivagami is a DevOps and site reliability evangelist, thought leader, Speaker, and the group chief technology officer at IDC Technologies, Inc. She specializes in delivering a broad range of complex, multi-disciplinary programs (AED 500M+), application development, security, and infrastructure initiatives across large, cross-functional, and multi-cultural teams.

Manish Shah


Manish has a knack for discovering new technologies and understanding their implications on the business. He is the head of technology solutions at Al-Futtaim, skilled in IT strategy, data center, pre-sales, solution architecture, and IT operations.

Kasia Poleszak

LinkedIn | PayU

Kasia is passionate about technology and believes collaboration, transparency, and trust drive success. She's an energetic performer and global head of technology risk at PayU with an unbridled passion for work, sunny disposition, upbeat, and a positive attitude.

Sunando Chaudhuri


LinkedIn | ADNEC Group

Sunando is an information technology professional with a project management background, advisor & program manager with a demonstrated history of working in the technology, consulting & services industry. He's currently heading the information technology department of Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company. 

Aladdin Saqer

LinkedIn | McDonald's

Aladdin is an information technology professional with a Bachelor of Computer Information System focused in information technology from Philadelphia University - Jordan. His experience expands over information technology, networking, telecommunications, and digital with a demonstrated history of working in the restaurant industry, and is the head of information technology with McDonald's. 

Sabine Holl

LinkedIn | IBM, Dubai

Sabine Holl is IBM’s vice president of technical sales and CTO across the Middle East and Africa. She is the first woman in IBM's software division in the CEMEA region to be certified as an IT Specialist. Her area of expertise includes subjects like innovation, talent development, IBM cloud, IBM Z, enterprise modernization, and digital transformation. 

Alaa Alnobani 

LinkedIn | Advanced Real Estate Services 

Alaa specializes in software engineering, web development, online advertising, digital marketing, online games development, and management. He has a deep understanding & knowledge of the web and mobile development standards and is now technology lead with Advanced Real Estate Services. 

Glen Thomas

LinkedIn | Grant Thornton - UAE

Glen Thomas is the technology and cybersecurity practice lead for Grant Thornton in the UAE, with over 20 years of experience delivering technology risk, security risk management, and threat intelligence. His professional experience and expertise have allowed him to work across many regions including the Asia-Pacific Rim, the USA, the UK, Northern Europe, and the Middle East. 

Sayyed Jameer

LinkedIn | Burgerizzr

Jameer is a master in customer relations, technical support, management, leadership, operations & project management, HRMS system, and data analysis. He's the head of the information technology department at Burgerizzr translating strategies and policies into operational plans.

Miriam Jimenez Clopes

LinkedIn | Commercial Bank of Dubai

Miriam is the head of technology transformation at the commercial bank of Dubai. She has 12+ years of experience in banking and consulting and has worked in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Tarek Abdelsamie

LinkedIn | Endorse

Tarek is the head of technology at Endorse, Eygpt, an accomplished IT professional with 18+ years of in-depth experience in Solution architecture, Technical solutions, Integrations, Product development, and Project management. 

Hodba Khalaf

LinkedIn | WITS

Hodba Khalaf is an entrepreneurship professional and the chief technology officer with WITS Web Innovations & Technology Services. He is a master in advanced web technologies, OOP programming, projects and programs management, business processes, business and systems analysis, lecturing, and IT service management. 

Vijay Jaswal

LinkedIn | Software AG

Vijay has worked in the field of digital transformation & business process excellence for over 20 years and is currently the chief technology officer at Software AG. He is helped numerous international companies in deriving value and increasing competitiveness, by driving their digital transformation journey and streamlining their mission-critical processes.

Did we miss someone?

We could have missed on some leading tech influencers & voices that deserve to be on this list. That’s where you come into the picture.

Let us know who you think should be included in our list and we’ll get in touch with them and make the magic happen!

Note: The influencers in this list are selected based on their research work, social media influence & followership, achievements, and association with the innovation in the AI domain. This article is not intended to convey any form of ranking amongst the influencers listed here.

That's a wrap on the 50 Technology leaders in the Middle East. But we have are some a bonus article for you - Top 50 African Influencers

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