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Survival tech for startups | Matteo Rizzi | Engati CX

Deandra Trelawney
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Survival tech for startups | Matteo Rizzi | Engati CX

Matteo Rizzi, the co-founder of FinTechStage.com joins us to talk about start-up survival tech.

Matteo Rizzi on Fintech and technology for startups

Matteo Rizzi on Survival tech for business

Matteo created and co-founded FinTechStage.com. A platform for Investors, Innovators, and start-ups to foster FinTech innovation globally. Matteo is an entrepreneur and an author with two decades of experience in Financial Services. 

In 2008 he co-founded Innotribe, the innovation arm of SWIFT, where Matteo worked for 13 years. He also launched the Innotribe Startup Challenge.

For three years in a row (2014-2016), Financial News has nominated Matteo as one of the “40 most influential FinTech executives in Europe.” Bank Innovation has also named him as one of the “30 Innovators to watch shaping the industry” in 2014.

Startup Survival Tech- A Video with Matteo Rizzi

Start-up survival

This section contains a summary of the insightful interview we had with Matteo Rizzi. If you’d rather listen to him speak, we've embedded the podcast below.

Where do you see major rethinking happening in the world of FinTech due to the Corona crisis? 

There’s a great opportunity for digitization as well as for enhancing customer experience. 

Basic human needs are going to influence the way people think about financial services.

Matteo thinks that the worldwide pandemic has brought a significant change in the ‘How’ more than on the ‘What’. That’s why he lays more emphasis on the ‘How’.

He talks about how the COVID-19 virus has affected SMEs and how several of them won’t survive.

SMEs need capital and now the source of this capital is going to change.

The government can play an important role in optimizing several processes in a period of time that’s short enough to save SMEs.

People will also change the way they look at talent and try to influence business and not just incremental influence.

What are your thoughts on the adoption of AI in FinTech?

AI certainly helps financial managers to influence a bigger crowd with a larger area of services.

There is a lot of misconception with respect to what AI really is. Several businesses claim to be using AI but don’t.

We are surrounded by AI.

Machines are getting intelligent and are continuously learning.

The complexity of reaching so many people w something so complex at an affordable price is what is daunting.

What are your thoughts on conversational intelligence or chatbots?

Matteo believes that you can solve 50-70% of your customer’s problems by investing in the right chatbot.

Chatbots have enormous potential.

The smart chatbots answer all the questions asked by the user.

The critical challenge is not about what we can do with these tools, but how fast they can talk to a human.

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Survival Tech for Startups - A Spotify Podcast with Matteo RIzzi

Engati CX

We hope you’ve learned a lot about start-up survival tech.  Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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