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Revolutionizing the automobile industry | Hussein Dajani | Engati CX

Aishwarya Sankhé
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Revolutionizing the automobile industry | Hussein Dajani | Engati CX

In this episode of Engati CX, Hussein Dajani joins us to talk about revolutionizing the automobile industry.

Hussein is the General Manager of Digital and Customer Experience at AMI, Nissan Motor Co. Hussein has over 17 years of solid Marketing Communication experience with multinational agencies (JWT, Leo Burnett and TBWA) and client-side (Fortune 500 companies, Virgin Mobile and Red Bull).

He received the renowned WPP Young High Potential Leaders award from Sir Martin Sorrell and was featured in the 50 most influential digital marketing leaders listing for 2017. Furthermore, Hussein has been ranked among the 10 people changing the marcomm landscape in the MENA region by the Huffington Post.

Revolutionizing the automobile industry - A video with Hussien Dajani  

Revolutionizing the automobile industry

This section will have a summary of our interview with Hussein. But if you like to listen to the entire interview, we have embedded our Spotify podcast below this section.

How is the automotive industry transforming with the COVID crisis? What would be the biggest trend change?

COVID-19 came and hit us all really hard. It first started in China, and then it started sweeping everywhere. Nobody thought it would be this huge and it caught everyone by surprise. The world turned upside down and panic arose from a personal level.

However, from a business level, when it comes to checking vehicles, people have stopped coming to showrooms. The footfall towards the service centers when it comes to maintenance has also dropped because of security.  

Overall, the appetite is decreasing a lot. Not because people aren’t interested in vehicles, but because of security factor. It’s been a big turning point for a lot of departments to sit down and look at the challenges that everyone’s facing.  

“At the end of the day, we’re not an NGO. We’re a company, and we have to sell in order to survive.”

So, what Hussein did was he started looking at all the challenges they are facing as an organization. Firstly, people are not coming into the showrooms so how do we bring the showrooms to the people? This is where his team developed the 360-vehicle walkthrough, and VR showrooms, Where the customer feels like they’re entering the showroom as if they’re entering it in person. Where they can assess the car from outside and inside.  

If customers are interested in talking to sales consultant, they started introducing video calling with salespersons. They enabled finance solutions like finance calculators so customers were able to calculate their EMI and other finance applications.  

They also introduced chatbot solutions for quick self-service. And ordering online, so that the vehicle could be delivered right to their doorstep.  

For existing customers, there were services like door-to-door service and maintenance. Hussein’s team comes, takes their vehicle, and goes through the full maintenance process, and returns the vehicle right after.  

So, Hussein’s team really developed a series of customer-centric solutions in order to make the lives of customers and consumers easier and to show their empathetic side. But in order to develop such solutions, there is a lot that goes into it. There’s a lot of responsibility from Hussein’s side. There’s a lot of training that is required, and there’s a lot to adapt to. Organizations need to adopt the right digital solution that will cater to customer needs, and at the same time- that will deliver all of the business objectives of the organization.  

How can data bring about a revolution in the automotive industry? How has it changed the way the industry operates currently?

Data is the magic word. While it is great that their team introduces all of these solutions, his team is very conscious that these solutions are not rocket science. Putting a certain piece of technology is something anyone can do.  

But the real challenge is asking yourself what kind of data one captures out of that solution, figuring out how to analyze and report on that data.  

“How does one go through and analyze the data to make sure that the solution is delivering on the business objective, while catering to customer demands? What needs to be enhanced?”

Data is fueling everything we do. And it’s extremely important for us so that we can monitor everything that’s happening. Because the ultimate objective for us is to provide a seamless, frictionless customer experience journey. And the data speaks for this.

If we don’t know why we are this capturing data, then it’s just a bunch of random figures floating around. We need to know what we’re analyzing the data for so we can design our aims in the future.

Do you believe technologies like AI, automation, and IoT will now be adopted on an accelerated basis? How do you see this progressing?

Does Hussein see these technologies being adapted at an accelerated rate? Definitely. He’s seeing a lot of companies hopping on to the digital bandwagon these days. But their journeys are already broken. They are extremely disconnected because it feels like companies are jumping out due to the fear of missing out.  

The issue is their infrastructure is not intact. So, companies are eventually going to realize that digital transformation is not delivering on their business aims. This is where consultants come in handy and tell us what’s going on. They’ll show us what, where, and how everything went wrong.

COVID-19 pressed the play button for a lot of companies to realize that it’s no longer enough to adopt digital transformation. Now companies need to get slapped with the reality that their digital transformation plans did not achieve the results that they wanted. So now companies are taking a pause and analyzing with consultant where things went wrong.  

But Hussein is happy that digital transformation is no longer a buzz word. It’s definitely interesting.  

How will conversational AI and especially voice assistance transform customer experience in the automotive industry?

As Hussein mentioned earlier, his team introduced chatbots incredibly early on in their solutions. If we have the right infrastructure and the right customer experience journey, conversational AI and voice assistance are going to play a key role in any organization.  

It began with ALEXA, Siri and with Google Home. We’re beginning to see the start of it. It’s beginning to grow a lot. And voice search is contributing to 70% of all searches worldwide, which tells us that voice and AI are playing a key role already. We’re seeing a lot of organizations moving into that.  

We’re also seeing a lot of businesses moving towards WhatsApp messaging solutions. Now companies can carry out a transfer of payments through WhatsApp. Contactless society is becoming a way of living, and everything is getting carried out digitally.  

Hussein sees Conversational AI growing a lot. And it’s going to accelerate at a much faster pace than before.  

The shift to WhatsApp messaging

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Revolutionizing the automobile industry — a Spotify podcast with Hussein Dajani

Engati CX

We hope this helps you understand the revolution of the automobile industry. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Hussein Dajani

Hussein has some truly incredible insights. Reach him on LinkedIn or his personal website undefinedto learn more about digital transformation in the automobile industry.

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