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Real-time solutions with AI | Mike Kail | Engati CX

How does AI provide Real-time solutions for Customers? Find out with Mike Kail, the CTO of Everest in this episode of Engati CX!

Mike is the CTO of Everest and holds positions like Executive Technologist, Strategy Advisory for many other companies.

He has 25+ years of Technology Executive Leadership Experience. He specializes in domains such as Organizational Health, Cloud Architecture, Security, SaaS/Cloud deployments, Big Data, Monitoring/Alerting, Virtualization, Performance Tuning/Scalability, and more.

Real-Time Solutions with AI - Mike Kail on Video

Real-Time Solutions with AI

This section will summarizes our interview with Mike. But, if you’d like to hear him speak, our Spotify Podcast is embedded below.

How do you imagine the workplaces and businesses of tomorrow will leverage AI and automation technologies that still seem to be in their infancy?

According to Mike, right now the terms “AI,” “ML,” and “Automation” are often used interchangeably. These terms are not the same. There is a difference between AI enabling smarter automation, but they certainly are not the same. AI solves IT helpdesk issues, whereas automation is used for mundane tasks. It also mitigates against future tasks and frees up Human Resources to engage in more meaningful tasks. 

Do you have an opinion on how marketing is increasingly driven by data and what are some of the gaps that still need to be filled in offerings available in the markets today as far as platform solutions are concerned?

Right now, Mike urges everyone to use customer data to allow a data-driven view of customers. He urges everyone to be proactive, not reactive. The solutions of the past are not realtime enough. 

The world is going to be in a different space post-pandemic. So we must deliver great Customer Experience digitally. Especially post-pandemic, and we can, with the use of Cloud migration. There’s going to be a split second before a customer decides whether they’re going to go with you, or your competitor. So delivering fast digital experiences is key to delivering engagement. 

Customer support and conversational intelligence. Do you believe the future will be dominated by self-service? Would Bots play an important role? How do you see the journey ahead for these technologies? 

Mike says we can deliver great Customer Experience without the need to scale up human capital. How? As Mike said earlier, companies need to leverage bots to enhance and deliver great Customer Experience. It allows companies to meet the elastic demands of customers that customer engagement requires. 

“[Customers] just want the answer. We don’t want to be on a call, on hold with bad music or dead air. It’s a bad, frustrating experience. You know, one minute on hold feels like ten minutes in normal time.”

So the role that bots play is vital in crafting superior self-service solutions. Customers want answers to their queries instantly. And by using intelligent bots powered by AI, customers will make decisions and reach answers immediately. 

What would your recommendation be to someone planning an IT strategy now for a 3-year plan?

“If anyone thinks they can plan ahead, they’re being somewhat delusional,” says Mike Kail. Given the velocity of change, you have to factor these unprecedented circumstances into your plan. So in your strive to plan, don’t be inflexible. What Mike recommends is applying chaos engineering patterns going forward. He believes that is the proper approach. Overall, just have an overall strategy and don’t be so rigid.

Be proactive, not reactive

According Mike Kail, delivering great customer experience will be paramount going forward. Get ahead of the curve with an Engati Chatbot today. It’s FREE, no credit card necessary. 

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Real-Time Solutions with AI - A Spotify Podcast with Mike Kail

The rest of the interview discusses the tech stack of the future, his thoughts on moving systems to the cloud. The use of microservices architecture, lambda functions, etc., and the upcoming tech trends to watch out for. Check out the full interview here. 

Be proactive, not reactive

According Mike Kail, delivering great customer experience will be paramount going forward. Get ahead of the curve with an Engati Chatbot today. It’s FREE, no credit card necessary. 

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We hope this interview helped you understand how to provide quality real-time solutions for your customers with AI.  Engati Engage will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Mike Kail

Mike’s specialities include Cloud Architecture, Scalability, Big Data, and so much more. Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter to gain more insights from him. 

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