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A guide to personalising your chatbot

Dorian Martin
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A guide to personalising your chatbot

Chatbots are being considered as one of the biggest market trends, at the moment. They've have become one of the most significant marketing and customer service tools, that can completely revolutionise your website. So, let's talk about the importance of personalising your chatbot.Chatbots have a plethora of benefits, including promoting your brand, providing instant communication, and reducing administrative tasks for people. Essentially chatbots will increase sales by providing a positive customer experience.However, many make the mistake of not personalizing their chatbot, which can lead to further problems down the line. Below, we've listed all the reasons why you should personalize your bot, and how you can do this.

Chatbots as the future of marketing

It's very likely that you've already used a chatbot. Take Siri or Alexa, as perfect examples - they've entirely evolved how we look at a business, and how we interact with technology.They're essentially conversational bots that mimic human conversation to make the buying process seamless.Chatbots have simplified the user experience, introduced smart thinking, and identify consumer habits. For this reason, they can generate leads - and produce more sales as a consequence.

How bots revolutionize the user experience

These handy tools can increase your revenue and make your customers feel noticed and valued.With the aid of personalization and AI, customer support bots can help massively with any issues or complaints, and can politely direct customers in the right direction. In this sense, bots have also taken away a mundane task from many workers - allowing them to focus on direct problems and responsibilities.

The importance of personalising your chatbot

It has been reported that while 74% of marketers know the advantages of customization, only 19% will implement this method into any of their marketing campaigns.With this in mind, it's essential to direct your attention to tools that can collect user data, and provide an unmatched level of personalization. With the incorporation of AI, chatbots can remember important, personal information - which will make customers feel seen, heard, and respected.Chatbots can also be designed to cater to any customer, regardless of their stage in the sales process. For instance, they can welcome new users, recommend items to returning customers, or discuss payment options.This is a truly perfect way to engage with your customers.

Pushing your brand voice

Another way that chatbot personalization can be beneficial to you is through the brand's voicing. If you dive into the world of chatbots, you don't want to have the same voice and message as a million other chatbots, on a million different websites.Importantly, you can also localize the user's experience - based on the location that they have provided. Localization will not only translate content but also provide cultural signifiers - which helps create a meaningful relationship with your customer.A study published by the Common Sense Advisory claimed that people are less inclined to make any purchases, in languages that aren't native to them. Ultimately, providing businesses with evidence which all points to the importance of localization. Your company is unique, and your chatbot should encapsulate every part of that. By personalizing your bot, you can ultimately use it as a way to push your brand's voice; something incredibly beneficial to marketers. By doing this, and through localization, your audience will be much more inclined to make a sale.

Personalising your chatbot!

With all the basics out of the way, it's time to look into how exactly you can personalize your bot. There are multiple ways that you can personalize your bot - but the first step comes with actually creating it. As a piece of technology, you can always update and change your bot.Below are the steps that you should take towards personalization, and the different ways that you can do it.

Ensure that the UX is seamless

The first step to personalizing your bot is making sure that the conversational User Experience (UX) is smooth.To do this, you need to ensure that the set of UX conversational rules (i.e. the things that make the conversation flow) are all correct. Not only should they be errorless, but they should also be really smooth and natural.Remember, bots are supposed to mimic humans.For example, your bot should always explain what the user can achieve with the bot, and also what can't be reached. You can tell the user that they can make complaints, or find a specific item. However, they can't use the bot for help with their account password.

The abandoned carts phenomenon

Every e-commerce business deals with it - the issue of abandoned carts. As a business owner, there's no doubt that you're trying to minimize the rate at which this happens.With around 78% of shoppers abandoning a site, without completing a purchase - it may surprise you to know that chatbots can help prevent this. Chatbots are designed to be friendly, laid-back, and colloquial. They can directly address any issues that shoppers may have had, while gently pushing them to check out the products in the cart.A chatbot can offer a customer a small incentive, which may just persuade them to click the "checkout" button. Chatbots are able to do this, while the customer is browsing the site - an advantage over emails. It goes without saying, lowering the potential of abandoned carts is always beneficial to an e-commerce site.

Give your chatbot a distinctive personality

After ensuring that the UX is seamless, you can now make the change necessary to give your bot a character. Some of the aspects to consider in this personality are:

  • The beliefs and values of the brand
  • The target audience
  • The message you're trying to convey
  • What the bot should be used for

You can also give your bot a human-like name, and make them possess a specific tone of voice. Many chatbots even use slang or lingo, depending on the audience they're expected to interact with.To add a subtle personality, you can try adding:

  • Social talk
  • Exclamation marks
  • Slang
  • Use of emojis
  • Questions
  • It can also contain your brand’s logo

When you give your bot a distinct personality, customers will be more intrigued to listen and buy from them.

Chatbots and content distribution

With the benefit of a distinctive personality, chatbots can also provide your customers with relevant content. While talking to the user, they will collect first-party data. We’ve asked Daniel Darcy, the Content Strategist at WoWGrade what he thought about AI chatbots as a means to share content with a business’s readership. Here’s what he thinks: “Content distribution via chatbots provides you with an opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with your customer - increasing the chance of them returning to your site.”If your e-commerce platform falls into a specific niche, the user will be more than likely interested in staying up to date with new products, and industry news.Provide your users with information that they trust, from industry leaders and professionals. Sidenote: you can definitely distribute your own content from your blog.

Double-check everything

The third step is to analyze your bot yourself. Use it, test it, and check out all the features. Is it successful, and does it convey your brand message well? Here’s what Jack Lemercier, the Senior Marketing Specialist at Supreme Dissertations told us: “Unfortunately, your bot might not be liked by everybody. For this reason, you have to take a look at insights, once your bot has been interacted with. At the end of various exchanges, you could also ask your audience to leave feedback. What could work better with yourBot?”Chances are, you'll have to tweak and adjust your bot until you create the perfect personality.

How do you create bots?

Before you can even consider creating a personality, you need a bot to work on. Below are a couple of suggestions for personalising your chatbot.

Third-party bot builder

The good news is, some businesses focus directly on creating bots, that will also take your brand into mind. This is a great way to achieve a bot for yourself while not particularly doing any work. These companies will also, more than likely, show you how to make any slight changes. Updates, brand changes, or product switches won't be an issue.Don't worry, this is still ultimately cost-effective.

Create a bot yourself

Of course, the other option is to create a bot yourself. This might be a challenge, but it could be beneficial to you and your brand. The downside to this is that you'll have to teach yourself, and the quality may not be there at first.The upside to a DIY bot is that you can make any changes with absolutely no hesitation. This proves to be really beneficial when updates and changes in the industry occur. Eventually, you will get to learning about personalising your chatbot.


We hope this guide thoroughly explains the uses and benefits of personalising your chatbot for your company. Not only that but how personalization can ultimately enhance the bot - and consequently your business. Bots can drive more sales to your company, with their use of direct advertising, and recommended products. When used correctly, they not only create more solid sales but also increase the chances of customer retention.

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