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How Prism increased its client retention rate to a 100%

Ananya Azad
Apr 29
2 mins

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prism increased its client retention

Being a marketing agency is hard. You offer a variety of services for your brands to grow, right from lead generation and advertising all the way through different channels of marketing to website design, SEO strategy planning, market analysis and even app development. Even after all of that, nothing seems to be enough for clients.

There always has to be more.

Gone are the days when a simple website and a few ads were enough to make a lasting impact. Today's consumers are way more informed, connected and demanding, making it a challenge for agencies to effectively reach them and create a lasting impression.

To stay ahead in this fast-paced and competitive industry, agencies have to be willing to adapt and evolve. This means continuously improving on skills, keeping up with trends and embracing new technologies and services.

In fact, 86% of digital marketing agencies added at least one new service to their lineup in 2021 alone.

At the end of the day, there are only two things that marketing agencies want:

  1. Retaining clients against competition and converting them into loyal customers.
  2. Attracting new, bigger and better clients to serve and engage.

Prism is a digital marketing and advertising agency that wasn't too different from any of these agencies. They wanted to maintain and grow their existing customers and acquire more customers to scale their own business.

What was different? They succeeded in doing so.

Do you want to know what Prism did to promptly scale and acquire enterprise clients?

Read ahead to find out!

Prism- The best digital marketing agency in UAE

About the brand

Prism is a UAE-based digital marketing and advertising agency. It was founded in 2006 with the objective of providing well-rounded, one-of-a-kind, 360° digital marketing and branding solutions of impeccable quality for its clients. 

With offices already set in 3 countries: 



and a fully owned sales representative office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,

Prism offers varied digital marketing services to its ever-growing clientele.

In its endeavour to bridge the gap between the ordinary man and the emerging digital world, Prism incorporates superior digital marketing techniques to add value to its client's businesses.  And by using strategic thinking, a creative approach to problem-solving and prompt action for all projects, the agency constantly strives to explore, support and adapt to the new and emerging era of digitisation for the growth of every brand that depends on them.

The Challenge -

What did they want?

The digital marketing agency wanted to grow and scale its business to increase, along with triggering an increase in the number of its recurring clients. They already had a vast number of varied services they offered, but nothing seemed enough. They simply weren't getting the results they wanted to achieve.
Prism charted through all of its offerings, which was a good list of 23 different services covering digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, video production and other web services like mobile app development, website design and development, creative design, hosting & domain and so much more. Unfortunately, they couldn't think of anything that would help them achieve the feat they were looking for.

They needed to hit the spot and would not back out till they found a solution.

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The solution

Finally, after constant back and forth and very close consideration, Prism decided that it was their legacy software solutions and use cases. They required a significant amount of investment and yet offered them only nominal growth in revenue and returns. 

They knew they just had to upgrade.

They started looking for new-age automation platforms to partner with in order to become a software resellers and expand their suite of offerings to increase revenue.

Prism knew that to be the best, they had to partner with the best.  

The only company they were sure of and could trust was Engati. Engati's award-winning platform was exactly what they were looking for in terms of both quality and assurity.
They decided to become a white-label partner up with our business solutions company and add WhatsApp for Business API solutions to their list of offerings.

Engati is a customer experience platform that is powered by conversational automation, and it was this upcoming technology that Prism knew it could leverage.

Providing Engati's WhatsApp Business API solutions to its customers was the trump card the agency had been looking for.

WhatsApp did not just provide an extra marketing channel for the brands, but the WhatsApp Chatbot helped them streamline most of their services. 

Imagine allowing your customers an improved customer response time, advanced user engagement, 24/7 support, performance monitoring, customer segmentation and bulk notifications, reduced costs, lead generation, personalised recommendation, multi-channel integration, omnichannel support, increased conversions, and so much more???

Engati helped Prism offer all of the above to its clients under their own brand name, minus the tensions and efforts of actually having to handle the platform for its clients.

The results were nothing short of amazing.

The final results

The outcome of the white-label partnership was better than expected. Prism tripled its revenues by becoming the one-stop shop marketing solutions partner for all its clients. The agency earned beautiful profits by upselling conversational features like omnichannel engagement and live chat support and providing them with native and multi-channel integrations.

Retaining customers became much easier now with the availability of WhatsApp and other messaging channels that would earlier integrate only with a third-party software as a part of their offerings. Their revenue streams also increased through upselling and cross-selling conversation bundles, broadcasts and the glorious and reliable WhatsApp green tick verification.

As a result

  1. Prism onboarded 13 new enterprise clients in just 2 months.
  2. They increased their customer retention rate by a whole of 100%.

This partnership turned out to be the ultimate win for the agency as they managed to get exactly what they were looking for. Prism has since been a trusted partner of Engati and become a successful WhatsApp solutions reseller, along with being the best digital marketing agency in UAE and other countries.
You, too, can become a conversation solutions reseller and expand your brand.

All you need to do is become a Whitelabel partner with us.

Register with our Whitelabel partnership solutions to know more.

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Ananya Azad

Ananya is a content writer at Engati with an interest in psychology and literature. Ananya enjoys ghostwriting and brand stories that elevate others in innovative ways.

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