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Post pandemic tech | Gary Bizzo | Engati CX

Aishwarya Sankhé
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Post pandemic tech | Gary Bizzo | Engati CX

Learn about Post-pandemic Tech with Gary Bizzo, the CEO of Bizzo Integrated Marketing Corp, Bizzo Management Group Inc., and Syphon Nanotech Inc. Exclusively on Engati CX.

Learn about Post-pandemic Technologies with Gary Bizzo, the CEO of Bizzo Integrated Marketing Corp, Bizzo Management Group Inc., and Syphon Nanotech Inc. Exclusively on Engati Engage.

Gary Bizzo is the CEO of Bizzo Integrated Marketing Corp., Bizzo Management Group Inc., and Syphon Nanotech Inc.

He is the Adjunct Professor of Integrated Marketing, MBA School of Business, New York Institute of Technology (Vancouver Campus). 

Forbes has listed Gary among the Top 25 Small Business accounts on Twitter and Richtopia lists him among the Top 200 Social Influencers in the World.

An international Mentor and Business Coach to over 1000 leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs, Gary consults with numerous multinationals and two foreign governments.

Gary has built an international reputation as an ‘Agent of Change’ using social media and is also a published author with a large social media following.

Post Pandemic Tech - An interview with Gary Bizzo

Post Pandemic Tech

The following section summarizes our interview with Gary. But if you’d like to hear the full interview, there’s a link to the podcast below. 

How should small businesses and solopreneurs create their own niche in the market by leveraging AI and automation?

What Gary finds fascinating is that AI and Automation have changed the whole lead generation model. It has become more sophisticated now. In the past, we had sales managers, and developers and now it’s all being replaced by Machine Learning. 

Machine Learning has come a long way. Gary finds that it’s actually better at understanding consumer behaviour. Therefore when it comes to lead generation, leads become more qualified. Automation has made targeting decision makers a lot easier. But Machine Learning can do more than generate leads. 

It has now become a tool for predictive analysis. People now use it to understand market behaviour. Now we know how the market is going to take off. Now Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs can find their own niche whatever it is and adapt using technology. And finally, AI and automation will save lots of costs and resources and time

We’re able to compete where we couldn’t before. 

How will businesses digitally transform themselves post the pandemic? What role will social media play?

With the emergence of 5g, everyone is going to shift to video. We’re going to see a love of teleconferencing for meetings, training sessions, and education. The future is content marketing but in a more data-driven way. For example, the associated president of Forbes uses machine learning and AI to write articles that are data-driven. It’s pushing the envelope so fast and so far that most automation can’t keep up. We’re going to have more remote workers, more offshore companies and offshore sourcing. 

“I like this call this an Industrial Regulation”

Post Pandemic Tech – A Spotify podcast with Gary Bizzo

The rest of our interview with Gary elaborates of digitalization and technology. We talk about which industries will evolve and survive. We also discuss what to look out for when organizations adopt digital transformative tech. Then we talk about the role of AI and Chatbots and how it will be used in customer service. Finally, we close the interview with a discussion of influencer marketing.

Listen to the full interview here:

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We hope you enjoyed this interview about post pandemic tech with Gary Bizzo. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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