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How to create personalized customer experiences

Jeremy DSouza
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How to create personalized customer experiences

As businesses grow, personalized customer experiences become harder to create. It's almost like you're faced with a choice — speed or personalization.

But not anymore. It's now possible to personalize at scale, without giving up on speed.

Here’s why you need to focus on creating personalized customer experiences:

There’s certain type of magic that you create when you personalize your experiences. Here’s what you get from it —

Customers who know that you care

When you focus on personalizing their experiences, your customers notice that you’re looking at them as an individual person. Not as a demographic segment or a buyer persona, but an individual, living, breathing person.

You’re not just looking at aggregates. You’re hyper-personalizing the experience and creating something special for them. Trust me, they notice.

Reduced churn

When you show customers that you care, they’re going to stick around. They won’t leave you because you’re treating them how them want to be treated. When they do business with you, they know that you’re seeing a person, not just a random customer ID number.

Personalization is one of the best ways to retain customers. After all, who doesn’t like a little extra attention?

When they see that you’re keeping them in mind, they’re much more likely to stick with you.

Brand evangelists

People love telling others about great experiences that they’ve had. In fact, multiple studies have shown that they’re very likely to tell their circles about fantastic experiences that you deliver to them.

Essentially, when you do personalize the customer experience, you’re not just increasing customer loyalty, you’re even turning those customers into brand evangelists. They’ll keep coming back to you, and they’ll bring their friends and family along.

Messages that cut through the noise

We’re so used to generic, standardized messages. Everyone’s trying to reach as many people as possible.

But, as Seth Godin says, you only really need to connect with the smallest viable audience. That’s what personalized messages will do. The people whom they are meant for will truly be able to connect with them. This will be far more powerful than spraying generic messages all over.

Offerings that have a greater demand

When you personalize your offerings, you’re giving the people what they really want. You’re not just giving them what you think they want, but you’ve taken the effort to create something that they’ve been looking for.

Now, you’re not just shooting in the dark. You’ve created offerings that will have a far greater demand that the generic ones.

So, how do you go about personalizing experiences?

Ask for feedback and act on it

Don’t just ask for feedback for the sake of it. Take action. Show them that you care about their opinion and that you’re ready to listen to your customers and give them what they want.

Make your customers feel like you value their opinions.

Address them by their name

No more saying “dear valued customer”. Behavioural psychologists have proven this over and over again: people pay more attention when you call them by their name. It makes them feel better.

This tiny change can make a world of a difference for you.

Pay attention to them

Your customers are giving you clues all the time; you just need to listen and take action.  

Here’s a great example from Shep Hyken.

He was staying at a hotel and while in the lounge, he told one of the servers that he really enjoyed the cookies they had served.

The next day, while checking out from the hotel, the clerk gave him a special package: half a dozen of those cookies.

That little gesture would barely cost the hotel anything, but it made Shep feel like he was being listened to. It would certainly make him return to the hotel (and it definitely made him tell the world about this experience).

Engage them in their own language

Not everyone speaks English. In fact, only 25% of internet users understand English, and a lot of these users speak it as a second language.

You need to speak your customers’ language to be accepted by them. If you don’t, they’ll simply consider you to be an outsider.

Celebrate them

Let them know that you’re thinking about them by sending them a small gift on occasions like their birthdays and anniversaries.

But sometimes you don’t even need to do that. Even if you commemorate milestones, like a year of them doing business with you, it would make them feel valued.

Use data to understand them

You have a whole lot of data available. The question is, 'are you using it right?'.

Your CRM is full of insights. If you integrate it with your chat system, you could resolve customer issues without asking them as many questions as you would usually have to.

This data will even help you curate offerings and create experiences that you customers would actually enjoy.

Support them over the channel they are most comfortable with

63% of millennials prefer having their questions answered via chat channels over the traditional ones.

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