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Personal branding hacks | Ian Moyse | Engati CX

Ian Moyse shares his insider hacks on personal branding on Engati CX.

Ian Moyse shares his insider hacks on personal branding. He also shares how bots can be leveraged for marketing.

Ian Moyse has been a leader in the Cloud Industry. With an experience of over 12 years, he has sat on the Boards for Eurocloud, FAST, and the Cloud Industry Forum. An experienced keynote speaker on cloud and social selling, he has also been a judge on the UK Cloud awards. Ian has been recognized as the #1 Global SaaS influencer by Klout, and the #1 cloud social influencer from 2015 to 2017 by Onalytica. Ian has been recognized as a leading cloud Blogger and was listed in the EMEA top 50 influencers in Data Centres, Cloud & Data 2017.

Additionally, he is a writer for Cloudtech and has been published by the National Computing Centre. Ian was awarded UK Sales Director of the year by Institute of Sales Management (ISM) and is widely known as a leading Social Seller sitting as a non-exec on Digital Leadership Associates amongst others.

Personal Branding– A Spotify podcast with Ian Moyse

Personal Branding Hacks with Ian Moyse

The section contains a summary of the podcast and video interview with Ian. But if you’d like to check out the full interview, we have a link to the full interview down below!

What is Personal Branding all about and why is it even more important in 2020?

Personal Branding according to Ian, has always been something that has sounded illustrious. We’ve seen companies have brands, but this was unheard of for individuals. We wouldn’t know about individuals, or what they did, or their background. But nowadays, we see people becoming semi-celebrities. And that’s all because of their personal branding, AKA what they’re known for. 

And why is it so important for 2020? With this pandemic, everyone has gone online. Obviously we can’t meet people, and we can’t interact with people. 

But we have to remember- social distancing does not mean customer distancing.  But it's become that.

It certainly doesn’t mean social media distancing. Being active on social media is the modern-day equivalent of word of mouth marketing.

Now that someone has your name, if you exist in a digital way, search engines will find you and present you to that person. So now you have to think about yourself as an individual brand.You have to think about how to leverage that and how to ensure it’s always positive. Versus not caring and not seeing value. 

How will personal branding be backed by technology?

There are lots of tools you can use. Obviously, use whatever tools your platform offers and whatever fits your usage. They exist to help you be better with your personal branding, so use it. 

Here’s an example

When it comes to deciding what LinkedIn picture to use, it’s often backed by human bias. You pick what you like, and if you’re unsure, you consult your immediate circle. But say you’re a stranger crawling on the internet. And you stumble across your own profile. The first thing you do, the first judgment you make is based on the photo. You can argue that it’s not fair but that’s the reality. Everyone is making micro-judgments on what they see online. Now technologies exist that allow you to test the picture before uploading it. It’s backed by scientific evidence with an audience. This is just one example on how technology backs personal branding. 

How can conversational AI be leveraged for branding?

With Ian’s background in the telephony space, the keyword to remember is conversation and communication. Some queries can be served without a conversation, i.e., a more transactional engagement. Whereas others need a little love, some more information, and some pushback. It depends entirely on the query. 

Ian believes Conversational AI should be used to build a more personalized experience. The problem with Electronic interactions or emails is that it's very planned. Often its responses are also very formulated, or planned. And the worst case is that its tonality is most times misunderstood. In a conversation, customers can correct you instantaneously. But in an email, this often drags on for days. 

Before we tackle this, we have to ask ourselves- 

What do people want from a conversation?

The answer is simple. 

We want access to knowledge and experience.

If people had the knowledge, they would solve their queries by themselves. What we need to work on with conversations is addressing the tonality issue. The more tonality we have, the better we can understand what response to give and what questions to ask. AI and NLP helps with this

Transactional or Meaningful? You Decide

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BOTS - The Future of Marketing on Video

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We hope you’ve learnt about how to use tech to leverage your personal branding with Ian Moyse. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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