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Adopting AI culture | Paul Colmer | Engati CX

In this episode of Engati CX, we discuss the emergence of AI and Automation into Corporate culture, the role of technology in the business transformation cycle, and the employment of cybersecurity with Paul Colmer.

Paul Colmer on Adopting AI culture

Paul Colmer is an engaging digital architect, coach and trainer working for ALC Education and Consulting. He is a certified trainer with the Open Group, DevOps Institute, and APMG.

He’s also among the Top 100 Cloud Global Power 1000 Influencer List. He is an adept and compelling award-winning open-mic comedian, an accomplished jazz pianist, and absolutely loves empowering people through stories.

This article will contain a quick summary of the discussion, but if you’d prefer watching to reading, here’s our video:

Adopting AI Culture with Paul Colmer - A summary

How do you see emerging tech like AI and automation in the corporate space, going to change how we view our work and relationships in the future?

According to Paul, the goal is to improve the way we do things, especially in Customer Experience. Right now, a lot of time goes into meetings, and it seems a lot of money is being wasted as well. Automation provides a mechanism to streamline these processes- it’s already seen in this pandemic especially in regards to collaboration. Automation allows us to offload these manual tasks. It allows repetitive tasks to become automated! Businesses are also running efficiently because of how user-friendly these tools have become for non-technical people.

What role do you think technology plays in the time of COVID? And what impact do you think it will have on businesses once this is all over? 

With everyone working from home, the big question that Paul finds companies asking is “How do we interact with customers?” 

It forces us to think about how collaboration will work in the future. How will we interact with customers remotely? How would collaboration work with partners? A lot of people have had experience with managing virtual teams. However the majority of people have never had to deal with this sort of situation. While they have the tools, they are not prepared mentally.  So what’s happening now is that companies are trying to figure out how to use AI to automate the human side of things- Like using AI to schedule meetings, for example.

This situation is bad, but it’s also one that was needed- we needed this digital disruption. Necessity is the mother of invention and this situation has given us a reason to adopt the technology.

Which technology do you think plays a major role in the business transformation cycle for an organisation? And what are the factors supporting it? 

Right now, there’s a large number of different technologies that are playing a major role in business. Paul found Cloud technology and Cybersecurity to play the biggest roles in the organization. Incorporating Cloud technology into your organization frees your from traditional funding models, and building cybersecurity keeps the data on your cloud server secure. 

The most important thing that Paul mentions is how we should learn how to build and understand data, and the cultural impacts of such. Paul urges companies to recognize that things are going to run differently when we incorporate new technologies into the mix. Whether your company is at the level of just starting to incorporate Office 365, or using data systems like these for several years now- we need to understand that things will run differently, and this is something that must be communicated across the board. 

The rest of the interview discusses the trends of employing Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Protection, and the resistance to adopting Cloud technologies. If you’d like to check out the interview, watch the video below or listen to the podcast. 

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Adopting AI Culture – Paul Colmer’s interview on Spotify

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