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Gamification in marketing | Nicolas Babin | Engati CX

Nicolas Babin, Head of Babin Business Consulting, and an expert in Business Development shares his insights on gamification in marketing in this episode of Engati CX. Additionally, we also discuss the digital evolution, and how technology is used to leverage your marketing strategy.

Nicolas Babin on Gamification in Marketing on Engati CX

Nicolas Babin, a technology, marketing, and management leader, is the head of Babin Business Consulting. He ranks number 1 in the Gamification Gurus Power 100.

He is involved in business development and digital transformation with numerous positions on boards of directors in France and Europe.

Video of our Interview with Nicolas Babin

Gamification in Marketing

We first briefly go over gamification. What it is, how it can be used for marketing and problem-solving. 

According to Nicolas, gamification is using game mechanics to do chores, or menial tasks, i.e, to make them more exciting. It’s all about engagement. It’s all about making tasks more fun. Nicolas Babin recommends using Gamification in marketing because it works. Overall, it causes a better ROI. There is a reported increase for views of campaigns, and an increase in the usage of platforms. There is also an increase in community feedback. He says we have to make users so engaged and involved in the environment that they lose track of time. And this works on both customers and employees! 

Nicolas Babin on Technology

According to Nicolas, Marketing and Technology go hand in hand. Technology has become an essential, from using it for biotechnology to marketing. In the midst of the crisis, data structures and AI are being used to get a better understanding of Coronavirus and its effects on your lungs. 

We then go over the evolution of technology, and how it’s changing the way we work. Nicolas states that past solutions in this current day will not work, and that’s normal- We are not going through a revolution, but an evolution. With the use of technology, the world is becoming smaller, bots are becoming more intelligent, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

The rate of adopting these technologies varies from country to country- There are some countries that are ahead of the game, whereas there are others that are slower. It depends entirely on the mentality according to Nicolas. There are some countries that make a decision, seeing it from every angle- They think about it from A all the way up to Z. They’re slower because they want to be more thorough and more sure when making a decision. Whereas other counties are more comfortable with change. They want to challenge the old economy- they want to challenge the way things have always been done.  The difference is that these countries are so keen and so determined of being number one that they’re more accepting of more technologies. Whatever gets the job done. They accept the more disruptive ways of doing business because of how keen they are on being fast in an already fast world. 

In addition, we go over the role of AI and its use in business growth, and the latest AI trends we need to look out for. 

Leverage marketing automation

We hope you’ve gained a lot of insight on Gamification in Marketing with Nicolas Babin. Technology is going to be important and the whole world is moving towards its implementation as Nicolas suggested. One such technology is an AI-powered chatbot. Try it now!

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Gamification in marketing - a Spotify podcast with Nicolas Babin

Engati CX

We hope this helps you gain some insights on gamification in marketing. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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