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Influencer marketing: The next storm | Chelsea Larson-Andrews | Engati CX

Aishwarya Sankhé
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Influencer marketing: The next storm | Chelsea Larson-Andrews | Engati CX

In this episode of Engati CX, Chelsea Larson-Andrews joins us to talk about the Next Storm: Influencer Marketing.

In this episode of Engati Engage, Chelsea Larson-Andrews, The Co-founder of TechMode, joins us to talk about the Next Storm: Influencer Marketing.

The Co-founder of TechMode = Tech marketing, with a twist- Chelsea, over the last decade, has been working with tech companies of all types and sizes to strategize, plan and implement winning marketing campaigns.

She helps technology companies connect with tech professionals on a massive scale through B2B influencer and thought leadership marketing, integrated media campaigns, content production, and events.

She specializes in B2B influencer marketing, brand amplification, and channel growth, content creation and marketing, and event production within the technology industry.

Influencer Marketing: The Next Storm -  A video with Chelsea Larson-Andrews

Influencer Marketing: The Next Storm

This section contains a brief summary of our interview with Chelsea Larson-Andrews on Influencer Marketing: The Next Storm. But if you would prefer listening to her, we have our Spotify Podcast down below.

How can conversational AI be used in the marketing activity of any business?

Chelsea believes Conversational AI works as a much better strategy to acquire a more loyal, quality customer base. It’s a more effective tool to pinpoint potential customers. To provide them with the exact answer to their questions, and to engage with customers. We’re entering a new era. An era where “Blast emails” and social media sponsored posts won’t work anymore. We’re entering an age where customers want everything personalized, and Conversational AI provides them with this personalized experience.

What kind of Digital transformations should smaller businesses make to survive the pandemic and the lockdowns triggered by it?

To survive the pandemic, firstly businesses need to open up to embracing digital methods. Methods like Machine Learning, AI, etc., rather than being reluctant to them. Smaller Businesses must pay attention to listening to what is relevant and they have to pay attention to providing information that is helpful to customers. To really focus on this- companies have to embrace Conversational AI, and other such personalized Digital Approaches. They must learn how to micro-target, how to research. And most importantly, they must know your audience. And how to reach out to them in a way that is personal, and non-intrusive. These are all key strategies to engage potential customers. A great example, according to Chelsea, would be the Engati COVID chatbot. A chatbot created to educate everyone about this virus, and to stop the spread of misinformation.

A collaboration of employees with a chatbot can be a huge advantage. How have chatbots been used to improve customer-centricity?

Communication and interactions through Chatbots are what helps in improving customer-centricity. This is carried out using AI. AI helps in identifying and disseminating key information by interacting with customers. This two-way communication dynamic allows us to address certain subjects and answer certain questions. This in turn creates value which helps companies develop campaigns with offerings and products that address people’s evolving needs.

A collaboration with tech

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Influencer Marketing: The Next Storm - a Spotify Podcast with Chelsea Larson-Andrews

The rest of the interview further discusses AI and its many use-cases. We go into detail about how AI helps with Brand Amplification. We also discuss the technological trends we can look forward to in the future. Chelsea closes the interview by dropping a few tips and strategies to be ahead of the curve. 

Listen to the full interview here:

Engati CX

Hope you gained a lot of value from our interview about the next storm, Influencer MarketingEngati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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