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Humanizing AI | Dr. Johannes Drooghaag | Engati CX

In the latest installment of Engati CX, we discuss Humanizing AI,  future tech and the interaction of humans and technology with Dr. Johannes Drooghaag.

In the latest installment of Engati CX, we discuss Humanizing AI,  future tech and the interaction of humans and technology with Dr. Johannes Drooghaag.

Dr. Drooghaag is an international coach, and his interests lie in a vast range of topics from emotional competence, agile business, and leadership.

He helps build competent teams and helps understand the limits of using the latest technologies to build an even better team. His current interests are in transition and change specifically related to the confluence of human and tech.

With the range and depth of experience to back it up, JD, as he is popularly called, is the right person to talk to us about the future tech and the interaction of humans and technology in it.

Humanizing AI - An interview with Dr. Johannes Drooghaag

Humanizing AI 

The following section is a summary of our interview with Dr. Drooghaag. For the full interview, check out the podcast. We’ve embedded it for you down below. 

What do you believe are the opportunities and challenges for technology today? Where do you see it evolving for business 5 years from now?

Dr. Drooghaag’s background focuses on optimizing the use of technology in a collaborative and safe manner. Its opportunities and challenges are identical. The opportunity is to have people and individuals collaborate better and safer with technology. This is a challenge in itself as we have not reached that point yet. Technology is still too far away from people to understand. 

On the other hand, there is a lot of misunderstanding about what technology is capable of. There’s a gap in understanding what tech is and what it’s capable of. And that is the bridge we have to build that people understand what the technology does, and how to use it in a safe manner. Then we focus on using tech to support others or to provide services. 

Five years from now, his expectation is that we will see the winners and the growers in the market. That the so-called disruptors that come up with a solution that combines human potential with technical solutions in a way where people are being supported and not confronted. A great example being using chatbots for customer service and support. Around 40% of customers are happy with chatbots, which is excellent. And this figure is continuing to grow. Which also means that 40% of the workflow, which would normally have been handled by support people, is now being handled by the chatbot. So support teams can now focus on more and more important matters and that's the winning part. Of course, we’re just at the beginning but this is what Dr. Drooghaag is looking forward to the next 5 years.

It's people, technology, technology, and people. We cannot and hopefully, will never move away from that because otherwise, people become useless.

Which technology do you think plays a major role in the business transformation cycle? And what are the factors supporting it?

Well, the first technology that will actually help us a lot with digital transformation, is every level of smart data analysis. Tools like Machine Learning, but it can be any smart data collecting tool. It doesn't always have to be artificial intelligence. We have to remember, Data is just a point. They represent something empirical, and oftentimes people don’t know what they’re expected to do with them. So we have to understand our data. 

Information is something I understand and I understand what I'm expected to do. That's a key enabler for a digital transformation.

The second technology is the Cloud. We must make all processes much more cloud-enabled to access them any time, anywhere, anyhow. Gone are the days of on-premise solutions which require physical or encrypted access.

Finally, we need to focus on accessibility. Not everyone has access to the same resources we do. Whether it be people with disabilities, or people who lack a connection to our society, how can we help them? How are they going to benefit? How are they going to be included in the way that we are moving forward so extremely fast, the way that we are doing today? 

This is what we need to address moving forward.

Humanizing AI - A Spotify Podcast with Dr. Drooghaag

The rest of the interview discusses how the digital world is going to change post-pandemic. Where Dr. Drooghaag shares what is going to be the new normal. He also shares his insider tops on how to be safe from cyber incidents, as well how powerful social media is. 

Listen to the full interview here: 

Tech for All

According to Dr. Drooghaag, we need to focus on accessibility so that everyone in our society has the same benefits and privileges.

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Hope you gained a lot of value from our interview about Humanizing AI.  Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Dr. Drooghaag

Dr. Drooghaag has a lot of insights on future tech on his social media. Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter. And check out his work on his personal website.

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