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Human-Centric Technology | Kate O’Neill | Engati CX

In this episode of Engati CX, Kate O'Neill joins us to talk about human-centric technology & how to craft more human-centric customer experiences.

In this episode of Engati Engage, Kate O'Neill joins us to talk about human-centric technology & how to craft more human-centric customer experiences.

Kate O’Neill is a strategist and futurist who is helping business and humanity prepare for change at an exponential scale, such as with emerging tech, big data, climate change, and more.

She is the founder and CEO of KO Insights, a strategic consultancy committed to improving the human experience at scale.

Kate with more than 20 years’ of experience in helping some of the world's leading companies is an expert strategy consultant/advisor, author, and keynote speaker focused on helping businesses navigate transformation — digital transformation and otherwise — in a human-centric way, and shaping the meaningful human experiences that will scale into the future. 

Human-Centric Technology - Kate O’Neill on Video

Human-Centric Technology

This section will contain a summary of our interview with Kate O’Neill. But, if you’d rather listen to her speak, we have our Spotify Podcast embedded below,

You are a huge believer in the ‘future of humanity,’ can you elaborate more on this?

Despite Kate’s background being in technology, her focus has primarily been on humanity and human experience. And really understanding what the future is likely to be in different industries and different contexts of these experiences. She believes in using all of our resources, especially technology, for the good of humanity. A human-centric approach. Because even when you look at business- it is a human construct. So there’s no reason why business should be out of touch with human understanding.

Being a Business strategist, what is the one factor that most businesses fail to take into account while crafting customer experiences?

Business starts with technology. When we think about the digital transformation of the human and customer experience, it’s often tech-led. Which is not the right way to start. Technology is a part of the solution to the problem, but we have to start from a human-centric approach. We have to know what problem we have to solve. Which is led by the human experience and the context that person is when they encounter that experience.  

For example...

Just before this talk, Kate was actually having a chat with an Amazon representative, which started with a Chatbot interaction. It was crisp, it understood the problem, and the inquiry was handed off gracefully to the live agent. What makes Amazon’s use of the chatbot effective is that- Amazon ensured that their Chatbot understood the context and the emotion of the problem. Most businesses fail to recognize this, and that could be their biggest faux-pas. 

Kate also believes Conversational AI could play an important role in making technology better for humans. There are many contexts in which Conversational AI can be used to help in solving human problems. It’s a prime and emerging technology, and its role to play is fantastic. 

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Human-Centric Technology- A Spotify Podcast with Kate O’Neill

The rest of the interview talks about how to offer value to customers using technology as a catalyst. The role of Data Analytics and AI in crafting superior customer experiences, and which enterprises benefit from AI and Technology more. Listen to the full interview here. 

Engati CX

We hope you’ve learnt a lot about Human-centric Technology in this interview with Kate O’Neill.  Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Kate O’Neill

To find out more about Human-centric technology, or if you’re interested in emerging tech, big data, and climate change, you should definitely follow Kate on LinkedIn and Twitter. And definitely head on over to her website, there’s a lot of value to be found there. 

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