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Enhancing cybersecurity with AI | Aghiath Chbib | Engati CX

Aishwarya Sankhé
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Enhancing cybersecurity with AI | Aghiath Chbib | Engati CX

With increasing amounts of data, Aghiath Chbib believes that to have greater control of our data, we need to employ tools such as on-premise chatbots and AI-powered cybersecurity solutions. Here are his insights on enhancing cybersecurity with AI.

Aghiath Chbib is a Digital Forensics business leader and also the founder of Seecra.

Aghiath Chbib is a Cyber Security, Fintech, Blockchain and Digital Forensics Business Leader, Director and CEO. He is the founder of Seecra (www.seecra.com) a new financial empowerment platform and app. Aghiath Chbib is an Established executive with close to 2 decades of proven successes driving business development and Sales across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Expert knowledge of cybersecurity, digital forensics, blockchain, and data protection.

Enhancing cybersecurity with AI — a video interview with Aghiath Chbib

Enhancing cybersecurity with AI

This section will have a summary of our interview with Aghiath. But if you like to listen to the entire interview, we have embedded our Spotify podcast below this section.

What is the potential of AI in cybersecurity? For instance, AI-enabled threat detection systems can predict new attacks and notify admins about data breaches instantly. What more do you see coming?  

In Aghiath’s opinion, AI already plays a key role in cybersecurity. We are going to see more integrations, more companies applying AI, machine learning, and deep learning into their applications. And it’s all for an amazingly simple reason- machine learning and AI can analyze lots of data, incidents, and abnormalities. They detect faster than any human can, so companies can really take actions faster to win never-ending battle against cyber-criminals.

Unfortunately, AI is like a double-edged sword. The same technology that swears to protect us, can be used against us. Hackers and attackers can use AI in different stages, starting from gathering information, to profiling. Attackers can really automate the process by using lots of AI. And it can be used anywhere in the life cycle of attacks.  

Back to the positives- the best use for AI is in threat detection. AI’s role is huge when it comes to detecting unknown malware. AI can read lots of signatures and recognize a lot of patterns. Unknown malware, and code that has been manipulated by hackers is seen as an abnormality, and the AI can recognize that.  

“Defending your parameters is extremely difficult, but AI and machine learning play a huge role in order to safeguard and ensure your business stays running, and your assets remain secured.”  
- Aghiath Chbib, the founder of Seecra

What’s your view on on-premise chatbots for greater control over sensitive data?  

Definitely. On-premise chatbots offer great support and control over sensitive data.  

Aghiath is always in favor of a supplier that provides the flexibility of hosting your chatbot or application on the cloud, or on the premises. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so it really does depend on our requirement and on the sensitivity of our data.

When it comes to dealing with government entities and classified information, having a chatbot 100% under our control, in our data center, based on our security measures is the better option. On-premise chatbots offer a level of control that cloud-based servers can’t provide, but at the end of the day, it depends entirely on classification of the data.  

“I will feel more comfortable dealing with sensitive data with a chatbot in my data center where everything is under my control.”

IoT with 5G Network will bring a new era of inter-connectivity. How can business prepare themselves for this, in terms of business and also of threats and breaches that come along?

Aghiath believes IoT is going to explode in the next couple of years. It’s predicted that in the next 5 years, the number of IoT devices could jump to 70 billion. And with 5G on top of it, that’s high speed with more devices to connected to the same network.  

This will be a dream come true for any malicious user. This brings many opportunities for attackers to infiltrate our networks and compromise our security measures. Whether it’s DDOS attacks, or creating a backdoor for them to access different applications or infrastructures. We must be careful.

Unfortunately, when it comes to cybersecurity measures, Aghiath sees companies taking a more reactive approach, than a proactive approach.  

Here are Aghiath’s advice-  

Enterprises need to be prepared. We must practice cybersecurity hygiene to protect our network. We cannot afford to carry out only one check. There must be multiple, and it must be carried out on a regular basis.  

We also need to be mindful of our data. Lots of enterprises don’t know what type of information is on their network.  

“If you don’t know what you have in your network, then you will not be able to protect it. You will not be able to detect if it is already compromised, or if there’s a silent attack already in place.”

On the other hand, there are a lot of opportunities for humankind. With smart cities, we have autonomous cars and IoT devices with lots of sensors. An industry that will benefit from IoT is going to be healthcare. Healthcare can utilize 5G speeds and conduct remote operations- miles away from the patient.  



How crucial will automation become in terms of vast amounts of data, security measures, and so on?  

Too often, Aghiath finds that employees are too loaded with work. There’s no way around it. We must implement automation to support our employees better. To implement automation, we must define some rules and policies. Only then will automation carry our successfully.

Are there any other thoughts that you’d like to share with us?  

We firstly must implement AI wherever it’s possible. But we must be mindful of its double-edged nature. Which is why Aghiath strongly encourages everyone to be educated and updated on these topics.

We need to spread awareness about cybersecurity. As we live in a connected world, where data get generated every second, we must be security-aware. Remember that humans are the first line of defense. It’s our responsibility to educate our employees on cybersecurity practices because prevention is always better than cure. Check out this article to learn more on cyber security companies.

Now is the time to go on-premise

Data is the 21st-century fuel. The business which will successfully use data for their benefit are the ones which will be the most successful. And having greater control of your sensitive data is of utmost importance in the world of IoT and 5G. Explore Engati’s on-premise chatbot options today. Register now!

Enhancing cybersecurity with AI  — a Spotify podcast with Aghiath Chbib

Engati CX

We hope this helps you understand how AI enhanced cybersecurity. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.  

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