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Empathic marketing | Mike Allton | Engati CX

Jeremy DSouza
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Empathic marketing | Mike Allton | Engati CX

Social Media and Content Marketing wizard, Mike Allton, joined us on the Engati CX Show. We spoke about the benefits of video marketing, particularly live video. We also discussed the power of Empathic Marketing.

Mike Allton on Empathic marketing

Mike is a Brand Evangelist at Agorapulse and leads The Social Media Hat.

He's also a leading Blogging and Social Media Consultant.

Mike has developed a reputation for being an excellent teacher and particularly enjoys showing businesses how Content Marketing can lead to increased website traffic, generation of more leads, and conversion of more sales.

Allton is particularly active on Facebook where he’s known for his mad blogging skills.

He speaks at marketing events across the country and has published multiple books specific to content marketing techniques and tools.

Marketing with Empathy- A Video with Mike Allton

Empathic Marketing

This section will contain a quick summary of our interview with Mike. But, if you'd rather listen to him speak, we've got our Spotify Podcast embedded below.

How is content marketing evolving during the COVID crisis when every business will be moving towards digital?

In the past, we'd see certain regions and industries impacted by something and as a result, those regions or industries would go through changes. The change spread to other industries later.

But with the pandemic, it's happening everywhere, across the world. No matter what kind of business you're in, it's impacted you in some way. So, at this point, businesses need to be empathetic in their content.

If you're creating content for your business, you need to do that through the lens of COVID-19. You need to think about how your customers' situations have changed from what they were before the pandemic. You need to figure out how you can help them.

This applies across the board. From your blog to your videos, even your podcasts and social media posts should be created keeping this in mind.

And don't just sell straight up. Don't tell them that they need to do something right now. They've already got enough stress in this situation. There's going to be opportunities to sell, but avoid invoking fear to push a sale.

When it comes to online marketing, would you say that the size of the business does not matter; it’s all about the right content at the right time and right platform?

Mike definitely agrees with this. Especially because he's a solopreneur himself. He's built a reputation, written books, hosts podcasts and even appears on other people's podcasts. He even guest blogs for other people. And he's done all this without having a team of his own.

According to Mike, the first step is to find your passion. Find something you love and have a good amount of knowledge about.

The next step is to go out and see if other people are interested in this. And its likely that there are a lot of people who are. You might have to change your words because they might describe this passion differently, but you have to find them. Find your tribe.

How can online communities be used for marketing? What type of content is advisable for a community?

'Community' is a term that's used a lot, but it's defined in a lot of different ways. It can be a physical community or a virtual community. And in a virtual community, it can be a literal Facebook or LinkedIn group.

But, Mike likes to define communities differently for businesses. He likes to use a broader definition.

Your community is the people who are interested in your brand and who are interested in interacting with your brand about topics relating to your brand. It's not just your Facebook group. It includes the people who follow and engage with all your social media. Who listen to your podcasts. Who subscribe to your YouTube channel.

These communities are ways for people to connect with each other and help each other. Businesses need to create communities that don't just deal with the brand, but with the industry in general.

How has video become a highly consumed content? How can businesses start leveraging it?

Live video is particularly helpful in helping businesses raise awareness, keep their communities engaged and convert into sales. At Agorapulse they've conducted experiments with live video and recorded video. Live video consistently outperforms recorded video.

When Mike's colleague looked into the psychology of live video, she understood that live video works better because you get to make eye-contact, you get to hear the speaker's tone of voice better than they could recreate on written content, and you can even see body language. Most of what you communicate is non-verbal.

Live video helps you connect with your audience in a way that outperforms any other channel. And it helps you ask questions, get responses from the comments and personalize your video content for the audience.

A lot of businesses, especially B2B ones are actively avoiding TikTok. Is there any scope that B2B can leverage this for marketing?

TikTok is a short-form video platform. And short-form video is not great for educational content. It's amazing for engaging with your audience. It's great for entertaining.

TikTok's got a great algorithm. It plays attention to the videos you watch, the videos that you like and the people you follow. When you open TikTok, the first thing it shows you is not videos from the people you follow. It's videos that the app thinks you might like.

But, Mike says that you shouldn't jump into TikTok if you've not already built your own platforms; your blog, podcast and then built the mainstream social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

What are the current trends and how will influencer marketing change post the pandemic?

Right now, influencer marketing is a challenge. The biggest verticals for influencer marketing are travel and food. But, right now, there's no way that influencers can show me travel content because nobody is traveling right now.

But influencers in segments like social media marketing are thriving. Because social media marketing is what's taking off right now.

Mike thinks that within a couple of months, we'll have some more clarity on the impacted industries and influencers.

He also says that we'll start seeing a lot of virtual events. We'll start seeing a lot of virtual conferences with influencers who will be looking at this as a way to interact with their audience.

Empathic Marketing- A Spotify Podcast with Mike Allton

Engati CX

We hope you learned a lot about connecting with your audience through empathic marketing in this interview.  Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Mike Allton

Mike Allton's an incredible resource for all things social media (especially content marketing). Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter to get even more value from him.

And check out his website, Blogging Brute.

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