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Digital foundations | Doyle Buehler | Engati CX

Jeremy DSouza
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Digital foundations | Doyle Buehler | Engati CX

Digital Transformation specialist, Doyle Buehler joined us on this episode of Engati CX. We spoke about the foundations for digital businesses and the strategies they need to follow.

Doyle Buehler on Digital Foundations

Doyle Buehler, is a "best-selling author, entrepreneur, international speaker", and digital business leader.

He specializes in strategic digital branding and marketing. 

Doyle has mentored, coached, trained & inspired many in the areas of startups, digital leadership, digital innovation, and more.

He runs a worldwide strategic digital marketing agency for companies that want to create disruption in their industry.

Doyle is making waves with his digital strategy iTunes podcast, entitled “Breaking Digital”, where he interviews digital influencers from around the world, discussing digital leadership across a range of business and channel topics.

Digital Foundations- A Video with Doyle Buehler

Laying The Foundations for Digital Businesses.

This section will contain a summary of our interview with Doyle Beuhler. But, if you rather listen to the interview, our Spotify podcast is embedded below.

What are the key elements and tenets that you advise organizations on while building their Digital strategy?

Digital is a big space. There are a lot of moving parts involved. You need to build a foundation for our digital strategy. The higher you want to go, the deeper and  stronger you need your foundation to be.

You can design your foundation based on 3 questions:

  1. What kind of value are you delivering?
  2. What kind of experience are you creating?
  3. How are you delivering that in the digital space?

What are the key differences between creating a digital marketing strategy for B2B vs B2C?

There's a lot of similarity here. But if you've got a strong foundation, and you're creating value, you'll do good. The only difference is that you'd have to change the content according to the audience you're trying to connect with.

You need to look at your audience and ask yourself how you can be focused in those areas. You need to deliver value to your customers.  Can you create that value while providing a remarkable experience and can you deliver it any time, any place?

How can social media and online communities be leveraged for brand promotion?

Social media takes a lot of work. But, it's still part of your foundation. You need to match your content with your foundation. Make sure that you deliver the same or a similar message consistently across all your social platforms.

If you've not got everything in place, they'll just hop on to your competitors. You need to have your audience, your content, and your building blocks in place. That helps you connect your audience to your values.

Help them tell their story with your social content.

Figure out the platforms that your audience uses and try to understand what kind of content they want to consume on each platform.

Chatbots have become very popular recently for lead generation and for customer service and support. What do you think is the roadmap ahead with conversational intelligence and automation?

We can automate about 80-85% of daily activities. But the remaining 15% needs the live interactions.

We can't over-automate. But we need to raise the level of automation so that we can focus on the things that we're actually good at.

That's where bots can come in. If a chatbot can find your perfect audience for content delivery in the future, that could be powerful.

Being a judge at various award shows, what unique ideas or strategies have you come across, and what is the most common mistake that businesses make? 

The ones that win are the ones that are creative. The ones that lose are the ones that aren't properly leveraging what they have.

The winners tend to look at things from a different angle. They look at challenges from different viewpoints. And they add stories and human elements to them.

The losers are usually the ones that think they don't really need to do much. Some businesses think that they don't need to do much. They think that you can just create a website, a landing page and a funnel and they've got a business. They don't realize that they've got to build upon it.

In today's day and age, having a website is not enough. Having a Facebook page is not enough. You need to step your game up.

As a business owner, you don't need to be a technophile. You don't need to understand the technology completely. But you need to have a digital genius on your hands to help you make it work. You don't need to perfectly understand the specifics of the tech. You need to create great experiences for your customers.

The technology you're using is not as important as the things you're doing with the technology.

Do you have any other thoughts that you’d like to leave our audience with?

You need to properly build your digital foundations for your business. Know what value you're trying to create for your customers and then build those digital foundations for that business.

Value Creation, Experience, and Digital Delivery- get these elements right and your digital foundations will become that much stronger!

Strengthen Your Foundations

Stronger foundations help your business reach greater heights. Strengthen your digital foundations with Engati's chatbots today!

Digital Foundations - A Spotify Podcast with Doyle Buehler

Engati CX

Hope you've learned a lot about building and strengthening your digital foundations in this interview. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Doyle Buehler

Doyle's a true genius when it comes to digital branding and marketing. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter to benefit even more from his insights.

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