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Data and tech philosophy | Dr. Peter Meyers | Engati CX

Aishwarya Sankhé
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Data and tech philosophy | Dr. Peter Meyers | Engati CX

Dr. Peter Meyers, the Marketing Scientist for Moz talks to us about the philosophy behind understanding your data & tech.

Dr. Pete Meyers, the Marketing Scientist for Moz joins us to talk to us about the philosophy behind understanding your data & tech.

Peter J. Meyers on data and impact of technology on business

Dr. Peter J. Meyers (AKA "Dr. Pete") is Marketing Scientist for Seattle-based Moz, where he works with the marketing and data science teams on product research and data-driven content.

He has spent the past three years building research tools to monitor Google, including the MozCast Project, and he curates the Google Algorithm History, a chronicle of Google updates back to 2002.

Dr. Peter is a cognitive psychologist and computer scientist by training. He spent eight years building a web-based event start-up before starting his own search consultancy and eventually joining the Moz team in 2012.

Data and Tech Philosophy - Dr Peter Meyers on video

Data and Tech Philosophy 

This section will contain a summary of our interview with Dr. Peter. But, if you’d like to hear him speak, our Spotify Podcast is embedded below.

How important is data becoming, and how will organizations utilize these vast amounts of data?

Dr. Peter Meyers thinks data is great- he’s glad we have more data, he thinks data is incredibly important. Right now, he thinks the problem is that there’s too much data. There’s so much data being generated that he finds people are overwhelmed right now. People are comfortable with structured data, but that isn’t what data looks like. Real-world data is messy. All of the copious amounts of data right now are messy. He thinks we’re just now figuring what to do with all of this data. Right now organizations should focus on cleaning up the data, so as to not get so overwhelmed by it.

So Peter, we wanted to know- What are your thoughts on how an organization should go about creating a superlative customer experience?

Listen to customers, of course. He urges you to reevaluate what you do and to understand where people are coming from. The challenge is that there are a lot of voices right now, but you need to listen to those voices and distill them into data. Everyone’s buying patterns are changing, and it is making it challenging. This has given rise to methods such as sentiment analysis, but it’s still difficult to track. Even segmenting the data has proven to be a challenge. Which is why Dr. Peter stresses cleaning up your data to further understand where your customers are coming from. 

He also urges you to strike a balance between what we want today, and what we want three years from now. If we’re only looking at what people think they want right now, then we’ll never know where things are headed. This is fundamental for creating a superlative customer experience. And at the end of the day, we’re still dependent on human intuition for decision making, so let's not factor that out. 

How will AI and technology change the functioning of businesses post the Corona Crisis? 

With over seven years of experience, Dr. Peter has seen the evolution of AI and technology and its uses in businesses. He believes we’re still in a kind of honeymoon phase of Machine Learning and AI. We’re still trying to do everything with AI, but we need to see where it can shine and work efficiently. We need to understand that AI and ML won’t work everything, and we need to figure out where it shines, and where we need to take a step back. 

Machine Learning and AI are obviously not going to take over everything, but we are learning to embrace it more and more. For example, ordering food with AI is a lot easier and more convenient than getting a human involved in the process. But other critical customer interactions are going to involve humans. We need to distinguish between where technology can be used, and when humans need to take over. 

Dr. Peter is also intrigued by the future of work, remote-working and the role machine learning will take in this transformation. 

Data and Tech Philosophy – A Spotify Podcast with Dr. Peter Meyers

The rest of the interview details Dr. Peter’s experience with MOZ and the world of SEO- how one should make sense of their SEO data. He provides suggestions on how businesses and the workplace of tomorrow need to leverage AI and automation technologies. He also briefly goes over the technology behind self-driving cars, forecasting, and google translate.  

Check out the full interview here. 

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We hope this interview helped you understand the philosophy behind Data and Tech.  Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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