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Content marketing chatbots | Adriana Tica | Engati CX

Aishwarya Sankhe
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Content marketing chatbots | Adriana Tica | Engati CX

In this interview with Adriana Tica, we cover the latest content marketing trends! Find out how to use content-marketing chatbots to generate leads, and get a better ROI in this interview of Engati CX.

Here's Adriana Tica on the latest content marketing trends! Find out how to use content-marketing chatbots to generate leads, and get a better ROI.

Adriana Tica is an expert marketer and copywriter, with 10 years in the field.

She spent most of her time marketing for tech companies.

She is the CEO of Idunn, a digital marketing agency that helps clients all over the world with copywriting, social media marketing, and marketing strategy.

In October 2019, she also launched Copywritech, a digital marketing agency that provides copywriting, SEO content writing, and strategy services to companies in the tech industry.

Content Marketing Chatbots - A video with Adriana Tica

Content Marketing Chatbots

The following section summarizes our interview with Adriana Tica on the power of leveraging content marketing chatbots. But, if you’d rather listen to our entire interview, our Spotify Podcast is embedded below the summary.

What are the latest trends in content marketing that companies need to, at the very least, experiment with?

Adriana believes that we need to start writing content as if we’re speaking to a friend. In other words, conversational content writing. How would you explain a complicated concept to your friends? Think about that when writing content. This change has come around due to voice assistants like Siri, and Alexa, and also because of the rise of Voice searches. Now voice searches are reflecting on written searches. 

We’re also seeing a change in keywords. Nowadays, we favour long-tail keywords and are more user-optimized than short-tail keywords. It’s going to be the next trend. Adriana finds that it’s easier to rank, and it matches user intent. It also gave leads and gives the prospect exactly what they’re looking for. Nowadays, users are looking for content that answers all their needs. Here’s Adriana’s advice - Cover your topic exhaustively. Cover all your bases. Make sure your content is well researched. If they look elsewhere for content, it’ll reflect on looking for products and services as well.

It’s also about being regular. You don’t have to exhaust yourself and write extensively everyday. Post often. and let your customers know that you’re there. Give people what they’re accustomed to. Google favours regular behaviour, so be patient. This doesn’t happen overnight.

Do you see chatbots as a way of delivering content to consumers with ease, rather than have them desperately search for it? What do you think about leveraging them for content marketing?

Chatbots are actually a great tool for content marketing, according to Adriana Tica. She sees great success in them. It’s a tool e-commerce relies on heavily. There’s a bright future ahead for it as she has seen success in companies that have tested them. 

For example, AI-powered chatbots can deliver posts catered to the individual. It’s much less intrusive than an email or an advertisement. And it helps guide the user through the sales funnel as well. Chatbots are great at delivering personalized experiences. They take recommendations to a whole new level. They easily analyze customer behaviour and make great recommendations for content products and at the perfect time, They have the ability to take marketing and advertising on autopilot.

Content marketing chatbots – A Spotify Podcast with Adriana Tica

The rest of our interview with Adriana discusses how to implement a strong marketing strategy, with the importance of keeping things simple. It’s not about the vanity metrics, it’s about revenue, and Adriana really pushes that. She also shares her insights on designing campaigns across the globe, and how she goes about doing that. Listen to her break it down in the podcast. Listen to it now: 

Take marketing on Autopilot

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Engati CX

We hope you learned a lot about content marketing chatbots in this interview.  Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Adriana Tica

Adriana, being an expert marketer, is always aware of the direction of marketing is going towards. Stay ahead of the curve by following her on LinkedIn and Twitter, and definitely check out Copywritech!

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