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The insider's edition - chatbot insights

Engati Team
Oct 12
3-4 mins

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chatbot insights

Chatbots are being used extensively across many sectors of businesses today. Here's the insider's edition on how chatbot automation is at its height and how it's only getting bigger from here. So with all its popularity and fanfare, we thought of giving you all a little insight on how chatbots help in businesses and what insiders have to say about them.

Marketing automation with the help of marketing bots has a potential to become a key one on the marketing scale of the near future” says Elon Musk. Adding to this, he also says “With automation, there will come abundance. Almost everything will get very cheap”.

Now, who doesn’t want that?! Well, we cannot disagree with Elon Musk. His understanding of the market and technology comes with utmost experience, after all. Chatbots have been a great medium to automate any kind of monotonous tasks. So recently, Business Insider released an article that says “80% of the businesses will be using chatbots by 2020”. Let’s see why!

All about chatbots and businesses!

We can endlessly talk about how chatbots are trending, anticipate what they’re going to result in and review some interesting examples. Yet, there are some of us who would question their significance and dig deep into how they can leverage chatbots for businesses. Chatbots are being widely used among several large scale companies today. Some of them that we use in our daily lives, like Slack, Messenger, Kik, Siri, Alexa and much more. If these companies make use of this technology, then there must be some real use-cases to it.

Chatbots have never been large-scale industry specific. Small scale businesses like restaurants, delivery services, travel agencies, education, e-commerce etc are seen to be striking gold as well! But let’s get down to the strategies of deploying these bots by businesses. This is to give you a clearer picture of how these chatbots really help you achieve a smooth run in the business front.

How do you measure effectiveness of chatbot?

  • AvailabilityThey are available 24/7 hours, 365 days! This makes them easy to reach out to and reliable, without the limitations of human agents.
  • Handle multiple tasks at onceThey can handle a large volume of requests, record all those interactions, and automatically learn from it to personalise your customers content for the next time. (God bless machine learning!)
  • Low maintenance costsImplementing these business bots can be a lot cheaper than making a cross-platform app or hiring employees to take care of each task.
  • Deeper knowledge of consumer preferencesChatbots can help you get a little closer to your consumers through their interactions. They record all user attributes and store this data for future references and personalisation.
  • Time saverBusiness Chatbots save time and energy spent in vain while manually completing a long list of repetitive tasks.Like, imagine you have to tell all your customers about a new feature launch. Are you going to individually type out content and send it over to each one of them or are you going to let the chatbot do it within seconds?Chatbots save your staff the hassle, therefore, giving them more time to focus on what’s bigger and needs human involvement.

Why does your business need it?

According to our insiders for this edition, businesses need them to:

  • To scale up your operations.
  • If you have identical products and services, a chatbot can portray them correctly to the customers without confusing them.
  • If your target audience is the millennials, you should definitely consider integrating chatbots in your marketing strategy.Chatbots are trending like never before and according to a study, millennials prefer having an easy interaction with a chatbot than talking to an agent.
  • If you have no time or patience for ANY ERRORS! If you have a business, say you run a bank, there are very high chances that a few processes are complex and time-consuming. Hence, any human errors made during these processes can sabotage the whole operations and further delay the results, therefore leaving you stressed and your customers unhappy. (Nobody wants that!)
  • If you’re looking for an interactive marketing platform, chatbots are the go because they can engage your customers well.
  • Level up organisational efficiency.
  • If your strategy includes marketing content through online channels, chatbots are hands down the easiest, most efficient and cost-effective tool for you!

Become an insider

So chatbots are a one-time investment that helps businesses reduce staff requirements, save time and operational costs. According to our Insider's edition chatbots are the hottest trend in artificial intelligence and marketing today. Hence gradually becoming a business’s favorite tool. To build a chatbot for your business, visit our website Engati and choose from 200 chatbot templates to customise the ideal bot yourself.

Check out chatbot demo videos on how to build a bot on our Youtube channels. Thanks for reading. We hope this blog was helpful. 

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Happy botting!

Engati Team

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