Intelligent bots

Support your customers 24/7, without any delays

AI-driven bots

The most effective way to create cross-channel customer engagements at scale.

Engage with customers
across multiple channels

Our AI-powered bots ensure every customer gets an instant response,
regardless of the time, the day, or the language.

What makes our bots so amazing?

Proprietary NLP Engine

Our proprietary machine learning-based e.Sense NLP extends Intent and Entity recognition to intelligently support your customers.

Minimal coding

Build conversation flows with minimal coding in under 10 minutes.

14 chat channels

Deploy across Messenger, WhatsApp, and 12 other channels with an easy setup.

Simplified bot training

Quickly train your bot with FAQs & documents using Cognitive Search.

Integration framework

Integrate with CRMs such as Salesforce, Freshdesk & other cloud apps like Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Zapier, and many other apps natively.


Engage customers across the world in 50+ languages, including Right-to-Left languages like Arabic.

Here’s how Engati’s chatbot
solutions can help you

Reimagine the customer journey