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Building global powerhouses | Joanne Moretti | Engati CX

Aishwarya Sankhé
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Building global powerhouses | Joanne Moretti | Engati CX

We’re joined today by Joanne Moretti, the Founder and CEO of JCurve Digital on how to build Global Powerhouses.

Joanne Moretti on building global brand with AI

Serving as an executive in Chief Marketing Officer roles as well as P&L roles, at various Fortune 500 companies, Joanne is a world-class go-to-market executive. She’s the real deal with 30+ Years in the High Tech Industry.

In these roles, she drove go-to-market strategies and transformations that created high value and sustainable growth for customers and shareholders. Joanne has received a number of awards both on a professional level and on a community level.

She is a recognized advocate for the development and growth of Women in STEM-related industries as well as Business in general. Joanne has been featured and quoted in many articles.

Building Global Powerhouses - Joanne Moretti on Video

Building Global Powerhouses

This section will contain a summary of our interview with Joanne Moretti. But, if you’d rather listen to her, we have our Spotify Podcast embedded below.

Tell us about your journey building Jabil from a contract manufacturer to a global solutions powerhouse. What are some of the branding and market acceptance challenges you faced upscaling Jabil?

When building Jabil, Joanne and her team’s primary focus was to serve customers. And that was what got Jabil up. Leveraging customer case studies, listening to customer feedback, and most importantly- connecting with customers through digital innovation. 

We then go over, how important it is to have a digital marketing strategy, and how it is going to change the future. Where Joanne talks about the importance of building a supply chain with SAP at the backend. When you have a digital supply chain, you can foresee change coming in. Especially in situations like the pandemic. It allows us to prepare, and it also helps us market. 

Her steps to building an effective digital marketing is as follows:

  1. Figure out the trend
  2. Gather responses from the trend
  3. Figure out the need
  4. Figure out the persona 

This also ties into our next few questions - how organizations go about creating a superlative customer experience. And the role data, analytics and AI play into crafting a marketing strategy to build a global powerhouse.

What are some recommendations you would give small businesses for gaining the same level of sophistication as larger enterprises for brand building, marketing, sales and support?

Joanne advises SMEs to not so much care about the number of people visiting- the mass. But to rather focus on the quality of visitors. Sales is an industry that uses a lot of high-touch experience. It’s all about going to the client. Presenting them with case studies. And giving value. For example, how many companies are earning because of your product? Joanne calls these “value-based pitches.” 

Sentimental Analysis also plays a key role in the pre-production and post-product launch. So really just pick strategies which will make you stand out from others. The potential for small businesses is huge because of this pandemic.

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Building Global Powerhouses – A Spotify Podcast with Joanne Moretti

Engati CX

We hope you’ve learnt a lot about building global powerhouses in this interview with Joanne Moretti.  Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

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