Alex Jimenez | AI in fintech | Engati CX

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Alex Jimenez | AI in fintech | Engati CX

Alex Jimenez, one of the top 30 influencers in Fintech discusses the use of AI in Financial Services with Engati.

Alex Jimenez- Video interview

(P.S, if you’re more of a listener, the Spotify podcast is embedded below)

Alex Jimenez on AI in fintech and how can it help businesses create great customer experience.

Alex Jimenez is the Chief Strategy Officer at Extractable, a strategic consulting, design, and data analytics agency that focuses on the future of financial services. Recognized by Onalytica as one of the top 30 influencers in fintech, Blockchain, and Innovation. 

On our latest episode of Engati CX, our interview series, Alex Jimenez discusses Fintech which is essentially Finance + Technology. We talk about the changes in the Fintech landscape and if Blockchain will have an impact on it. One of the highlights of this interview is the discussion of cybersecurity- whether banks are opting for on-premise software, versus accessing data over the Cloud.

Our interview then shifts to a discussion of AI and automation in banking. How it can be best used, and how people are responding to these digital services. Moreover, Alex says that AI should be used to give customers an experience that is created for them. Essentially, a personalized experience. He goes into more detail about how AI should be used in the full interview.

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Spotify podcast of Alex Jimenez's interview on Fintech

The insights Alex has provided for us in the interview are extremely valuable. Listen to the podcast on Spotify:

Engati CX

We hope you’ve gained a lot of value from this interview with Alex Jimenez. Stay tuned for more interviews with thought leaders from across the world. Engati CX will be back with another episode soon.

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