Top 15 Chatbot Features


e.Sense Proprietary NLP

Proprietary optimized machine learning based NLP with advanced Intent & Entity Recognitions

conversational AI

Conversation Flow Builder

Best in the business. Building conversation flows is now as easy as drawing user journeys



Advanced Integration framework for JSON Rest APIs with many OOB standard Integrations

multilingual bot


Extensive support for building multilingual bots that can easily operate in 50+ languages

chatbot whatsapp-chatbot facebook


Build and deploy your AI chatbot across 14+ channels including Website, WhatsApp and Facebook.

bot builders and chatbot solutions

Bot Building & Solutions

 Customisations & Bot Building from our experts at a very competitive 32$ per hour

deployement models

Deployment Models

Flexible deployment models - Public Cloud, On Premise/Private Cloud and even Hybrid

bot templates| Bot marketplace

Bot Templates

Extensive library of 150+ free chatbot templates for accelerators across a wide range of use cases

live chat integration

Human Takeover

Seamlessly transition from automated responses to agents handling your customer queries


Broadcast & Campaigns

Use Broadcast to build automated campaigns to reach out to your prospects & keep them engaged

voice bot

Voice Bots

Leverage the power of conversations with voice bots. The future of conversational ai technology is here.

mobile SDKs

Mobile SDKs

Enhance your mobile app reach with the extension of conversational intelligence using Engati’s Mobile SDKs for iOS & Android

intent and entity

Intent & Entities

Use Engati’s enhanced Intent & Entity recognition for a variety of standard intents from date, location, time & more to custom entity support


Rich Analytics

Have access to a rich bot analytics framework with information on most frequently asked questions, actions, cohort analysis and more



Get the bot to respond to queries by looking up documents using cognitive search capabilities. Allow the user to view the document section as a reference as part of the response.