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The Next BIG Tech

Dinis Guarda talks about the importance of AI and chatbots in the finance sector (especially when it comes to Fintech), Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and their applications.

Innovate with Technological Convergence

Jeremy talks about innovation in an age of technological convergence. He speaks of moving from part to the whole with Technology and Innovation being the bigger picture.

Neuro-Marketing for Cx

Roger Dooley discusses Neuromarketing and the role that Artificial Intelligence can play to help with Neuromarketing for delivering better Cx.

Content Targeting

Dr. Robin Kiera, Consulting & Marketing Agency | Personal & Virtual Speaker - Digitalscouting.de talks about ""B2B on TikTok? and Content Targeting"" on Engati CX.

Personalising with Data

Lori H. Schwartz Principal, Curator of Experiences - Storytech talks about personalizing data on Engati CX.

Journey to Customer Centricity

Silvana Bljan talks about understanding your customers, engaging with them and making your business customer-centric.

Overtaking your competition with AI

Industry analyst and columnist, Jeff Kagan talks about overtaking your competition with technology and AI.

Technological Convergence

No. 1 Future of Work influencer, Jeremy Scrivens, expands on technological convergence and how to innovate in this digital age.

Simplified Customer Experience

Ricardo Gulko helps us understand how simplified experiences help transform innovation capacity and technology design.

Top 10 Tips to Harness AI

Katie shares her top 10 tips on how to harness AI to gain a competitive edge for your organization

Empathy, collaboration & growth with AI

Considered one of the Top 10 CX influencers worldwide, Dennis Wakabayashi talks about how empathy and collaboration lead to growth for your organization.

From Finserv to Fintech

Vikaas talks about developing the mindset to evolve from Finserv to Fintech.

The Next Big Tech

Dinis Guarda, one of the most influential Blockchain experts, takes a seat on Engati CX to talk about the technology of the future.

Rapid Digital Transformation

Luis Suarez discusses how the business scenario is changing due to rapid digital transformation and how to keep up with the pace.

Leadership amongst youth

Neville Gaunt, the CEO of Mind Fit shows us how young leaders are thriving in these unprecedented times.

Understanding the world through data

Bob E. Hayes, the president of Business Over Broadway shares how understanding our data enhances our world view.

Developing digital mindsets

According to Co-founder & CEO, Javaid Iqbal, to succeed in the digital age, you have to develop a digital mindset.

The 3 pillars of content marketing

Explore the 3 pillars of content marketing with Twitter specialist, Keith Keller.

IoT 101

Tripp Braden, top tech influencer, gives us a crash course on everything related to IoT

Revolutionising the automobile industry

Fasten your seat belts! Hussein Dajani reveals how digital transformation has revolutionised the automobile industry

Automate or checkmate

Fredrick Hofflander states that businesses that are unaware about AI are at risk of harming their business. What’s your move?

Neuro-linguistic programming in customer service

Explore neuro-linguistic programming in customer service with global CX speaker, Frans Reichardt!

Making Brands Social

Tweeting goddess, Samantha Kelly shares her magnificent insights on making brands social.

Customer Oriented Tech

Leverage the power of customer-oriented tech with Cyril Coste.

Post-Pandemic Tech

Gary Bizzo explores the recent developments of post-pandemic tech

Fostering public sector innovation

Here’s Ann Dunkin on how to foster innovation across public sectors.

3 pillars of IT transformation

Business keynote speaker, Gordon Tredgold, believes organizations must identify their problem areas and build IT transformation strategies to address these concerns.

Empowering your business with AI

The key to empower any business is AI as stated by Nadia Vincent. She advises businesses to align digital tools with business strategies.

Achieving success via customer journey mapping

Jim Tincher highlights the importance of customer journey mapping to recognize the various touchpoints of the customer journey.

The growth & innovation mindset

“Digital transformation is not just about the technology. It’s so much more,” as stated by Rashim Mogha.

AI against cybercrime

Tina Gravel urges businesses to develop a zero-trust policy using AI to protect themselves and their customers against cybercrimes.

Personalize Your Pitch

Carson Heady, Author of Best-Selling series, “Birth of a Salesman” helps you perfect your pitch with the power of personalization.

Why you need Customer Success

Kristen Hayer, Founder & CEO of The Success League talks about how customer success management can help businesses out significantly. 

Powerful traits of an effective customer service team

Marilyn Suttle explores the rapid onset of digital transformation and how SMEs can use remote work and digital channels to its advantage.

How the EU’s privacy laws impact personalization

Can technology get in the way of delivering a quality customer experience? Jo Boswell explores this and predicts CX trends for 2021. 

The problem with algorithms: who’s responsible for AI bias?

Joanna Bryson, Professor of Ethics and Technology at Hertie School, explores the role machines play when it comes to algorithmic biases.

Computational linguistics: the challenges

Thomas Wolf, Co-founder and CSO at Hugging Face, believes that while NLP and Computational Linguistics have a very bright future, there’s a lot of room for improvement. 

Developing a Voice of the Customer mindset

Alex Genov discusses the challenges that market research teams are facing in regards to Data management and advanced technology. 

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