Laundry Service

A chatbot template that solves the complete process of taking orders for a laundry shop. It accepts an order for laundry, collects address information and helps the user to select a date of pickup.

Template Details

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Team Engati


E-Commerce / Shopping



Collect information around the user’s travel preferences and basic details, Store the collected information into a CRM

Bill Payments

Allow users to recharge and pay their bills via Stripe integration, a PCI DSS compliant payment gateway.

Customer Support

Connect customers to an agent via the live chat option in case of complex queries.

Case Study

How Bunaai drives conversion via social channels


Bunaai has over a million followers across channels. With such a large audience interacting and the huge inflow of, the team found it difficult to engage and support their customers.


The bot provides answers to user queries coming about the store, apparel, etc from multiple channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. with the live chat agents takeing up the complex queries coming in. It effectively works as a stream for lead generation.channels. The bot responds to user queries in real-time inceasing engagements.

How Bunaai drives conversion via social channels


queries answered by the bot


improvement in response time


users converted to Marketing Qualified Leads