Hire Freelancer

A chatbot template which will allow the recruiter to easily filter out the most suitable freelancers for their requirements in a transparent way without any chance of exploitation of the freelancers.

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Team Engati





Answer queries by allowing the bot to parse and provide relevant information from the documents using docuSense.

Browse Products

Walking customers through catalogues, suggestions, options and recommending products on ecommerce and providing retail support


Collect information around the user’s travel preferences and basic details, Store the collected information into a CRM

Case Study

How Oleeo simplifies HR processes


With the huge inflow of repetitive queries coming, HR departments found it diicult to provide support while boosting productivity. Oleeo needed a solution that could automate support across these organizations.


The bot has scalable upport,24/7. The repetitive queries are mostly answered by bot thus improving agent productivity.Oleeo was able to implement and deploy the same solution across all the organizations with engati's easy and flexible conversational modeler.

How Oleeo simplifies HR processes


more users handled than an agent


users handled without agent support