Food and Beverages

The bot collects user data and displays cataogue of products for user to search from and place their order. The user can also set up appointments selecting their prefered time slots.

Template Details

Made by

Team Engati


E-Commerce / Shopping


Browse Products

Walking customers through catalogues, suggestions, options and recommending products on ecommerce and providing retail support

Place Order

Allow users to add products to the cart


Collect payment via Stripe integration, a PCI DSS compliant payment gateway, in case of prepaid orders

Case Study

How Hola BB simplifies eCommerce


Hola BB’s current live agent setup could not keep up with the repetitive queries coming in from thousands of customers. They needed a simple solution that’s easy to integrate to reduce the load on the agents.


Engati bot assisted them in answering repetitious questions from thousands of consumers by simply integrating with Shopify.

How Hola BB simplifies eCommerce


conversations were handled by the user flows created in the bot


order questions were answered via Shopify integration