Delivery Boy

A chatbot template for companies that provide delivery of goods across distances focusing only on the information required reducing exploitation of time and data.

Template Details

Made by

Team Engati


E-Commerce / Shopping


Track order

Customer are able to issue, manage and track order compaints and view delivery dates with the use of chatbots in the logictics industry

Customer Support

Connect customers to an agent via the live chat option in case of complex queries.


Collect feedback from customers

Case Study

How LivSpace skyrockets customer satisfaction by 45%


With millions of followers across channels, LivSpace found it diicult to scale engagement across channels.


The bot answers incoming queries 24/7 while also collecting user details to further shorten the sales cycle.Along with the bot, LivSpace quickly onboarded multiple agents on the platform to answer complex questions through Live chat with omnichannel capabilities.

How LivSpace skyrockets customer satisfaction by 45%


interactions handled by the bot


reduction in resolution time


decrease in response time