Automotive - Lead Generator

A chatbot template that allows customers to get details on cars, features, prices etc., along with booking a service. This template is available with the Starter plan.

Template Details

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Team Engati





Collect information around the user’s travel preferences and basic details, Store the collected information into a CRM

Lead generation

Engage with customers, convert buyers into more clients and closing more deals.

Generate quote

Generate and share a quote by integrating the bot with cloud-based or on-premise legacy systems

Case Study

How Garasi optimizes shopping with Facebook deployment


With the huge inflow of repetitive queries coming, it was difficult to scale and attend to these customers in real-time.


Garasi's bot was able to fetch the contact number from the database and reply back to the customer to respond to queries.Garasi needed a system which was able to handle queries coming in from Facebook Marketplace. With Engati’s omnichannel feature, they were able to deploy the bot on Facebook Messenger.

How Garasi optimizes shopping with Facebook deployment


Queries were answered by the bot


Reduction in response time