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Top 33 Inspiring Women in CX to follow for 2024

Engati Team
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March 12, 2024
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Women in CX

Today we’re seeing more WOMEN than ever before taking the lead on customer experience. With higher levels of emotional intelligence and exceptional analytical skills, they’re able to understand customers and their needs much better.

On this occasion of CX DAY, here are 33 Women who are leading the way in customer experience and are striving to ensure the best customer experience for businesses

Kaye Chapman - Customer Journey Content Curator at Splunk

Kaye Chapman is all about people. She is a customer experience specialist who works with companies and their chief customer officer to design and build top of the line, people-first customer experience policies. She is a big part of the CX Accelerator Slack world and is both a community organizer and facilitator as well. She contributes to various channels helping others learn to be CX leaders from her great wealth of knowledge.

Anastasia Vladychynska - The World's Service Coach, Customer Service Consultant and Inspirational Speaker

Humanising digital consumer experience

Anastasia is the woman who started a Customer Service Revolution in a country where the word 'SERVE' doesn't exist. She is a US-certified Customer Experience Consultant. She is an Inspirational speaker on Customer Experience at national and international conferences and corporate events. She holds Expertise in transforming the mindset of top managers and owners to help companies become true servants to their clients, employees, and partners. She is also a Professional Speaker at the National association of speakers in New york city

Tiffani Bova – Growth and Transformation Advisor, Storyteller, Bestselling Author

Tiffany Bova has helped the companies around the world to transform the way they engage with customers, grow their business, and create amazing customer experiences. She has been named as the Thinkers50 2019 Global Ranking of Management Thinkers, one of the “Most Powerful and Influential Women in California” by the National Diversity Council, and has been listed in the Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencers. She is currently working as the Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. She is the author of the bestselling book ’Growth IQ; which was named a Wall Street Journal Bestseller, contributed to HBR, Forbes, Bloomberg, The WSJ, Economist, and more and the host of the “What’s Next!” Podcast.

Jeanne Bliss – 5x Chief Customer Officer, 4x Bestseller Author, and Keynote Speaker

Decoding Customer Needs

Known globally for transforming businesses to earn customer-driven growth, Jeanne Bliss is a customer experience practitioner and business growth adviser for C-suite. She is a 5-time Chief Customer Officer for 5 major US Brands. Currently, she is the CEO & Founder of Customer Bliss and Co-Founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). Been in the CX game since the start, Jeanne has delivered over 1,500 transformative keynotes globally and coached over 20,000 leaders on elevating their company in the marketplace.

Stephanie Thum - CCXP and Founding Principal at Practical CX®

Stephanie Thum is known as one of the US federal government’s first agency-level heads of customer experience (2012-2016). She has also served as an advisor for President Obama’s multi-agency task force on customer experience. A founding member of the CCXP, she launched Practical CX and has served as the chief advisor and CX expert for the federal team at Qualtrics, now owned by SAP. Thum has also been listed in Onalytica’s 2021 Who’s Who in Customer Relationship Management and has been recognised as a Top 50 Customer Experience Influencer to Follow in 2021 by The Awards Magazine.

Clare Muscutt – CX Magazine Top Female Influencer, CX Entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker, Championing Women in CX 

Recognized as one of the most prominent and valued millennial voices in CX, Clare Muscutt is an International Consultant, Keynote Speaker and soon to be the Author of the book ‘How to be Awesome at CX’. She held a number of CX leadership roles in FTSE 100 organizations and later founded her own customer experience design based consultancy firm, CMXperience. She is a leader of the women in the CX community and host of the podcast ‘Inspiring Women in CX.’ She has also been recognized as the 2020 UK Top Female Influencer by CX Magazine and has received numerous awards for her impressive commercial results.

Maya Khalifeh – Executive MBA, CCXP, Head of Customer Experience at INDEVCO Consultancy

Digital Citizen Experiences - What Governments must implement

Maya has over 15 years’ experience in strategies that empower clients to build strategic partnerships based on customer-centricity. She is an award winner of “Customer Experience Professional of the Year” at the 2020 Gulf Customer Experience Awards. Maya is also “Citizen Experience Design Strategist”- Lebanon Digital Transformation Network in charge of transforming the government to become E-Gov.

Sirte Pihlaja – Customer Experience Optimiser, CCXP, Trained LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator

Sirte Pihlaja is the CEO of Shirute Ltd, the first customer experience agency in Finland. A pioneer of people’s experiences in the Nordics, she is a globally recognized CX/EX expert, coach, designer, and strategist with over 25 years of experience in advising large international corporations and brands in various industries and countries. She is the co-author of Customer Experience 2, leader of the CXPA Finland network, member of CXPA International Advisory Committee, and one of CXPA’s founding members.

Nicolle Paradise – Chief Operating Officer, SaaS Board Advisor, InvestorNicolle Paradise is COO for Bodine & Co., a global CX consultancy.

Nicolle is a decisive, data-driven enterprise SaaS executive (focus areas: FinTech, CX) with 15+ years leading global operations and delivering product-centric value for clients in both startups and multibillion-dollar organizations. Paradise is a board advisor and investor at Spekit.com.  Prior to moving to New York City, she was the Head of Audience Experience at TEDx San Francisco.  More info can be found at nicolleparadise.com

Diane Magers – CCXP, CX Expert, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Experience Catalysts

Connecting value with marketing and CX

Diane Magers is a certified CX professional with senior CX, sales, and marketing executive with diverse and exceptional leadership skills. With over 25 years of transforming customer and employee experiences working in and with startups, mid-size, and Fortune 100 companies. She speaks on CX at industry events and consults companies to support and educate them as they build or enhance their customer experience practices. She is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Experience Catalysts, Experience Management Strategic Advisor at Macquarium, former CEO of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, and now Emeritus Chair.

Samantha Middlebrook – Thought Leader Digital CX, Digital Transformation Strategist at Panviva

Align your transformation projects in 3 steps

Samantha has over 6 years of management consulting experience in designing and deploying Digital Knowledge solutions across the globe. She is a leading Australian KM consultant with a passion for innovation and customer experience in addition to her breadth of experience in the KM space. Currently, she is serving as the Digital Transformation Strategist at Panviva, a leading cloud knowledge management solution guiding users step-by-step through processes, policies, and procedures.

Jill Raff – CX Strategist on Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, and EX to CX

From transaction to interaction

Jill Raff is a CX Strategic and a published author. She provides strategies that guide business owners and executive managers to educate, engage, and entrust their employees to create a company culture that delivers extraordinary customer experience. Also, her trademarked ‘Inside-Out Framework’ has helped businesses convert staff into family thereby increasing engagement and reducing employee turnover. She is the Founder and Strategic Advisor at the Jill Raff Group that helps customer-obsessed restaurants, hotels, and entrepreneurs to strengthen their employee retention and customer LTV relationships.

Sue Duris – CX Leader, Founder/Host of #CXChat, Expert Practitioner, Mentor

The 3 metrics of CX programming

Sue Duris is a Digital Marketing and CX leader with over 20 years of experience in driving brand, product, customer experience, and content strategies in the B2B sector. She is the Founder/Host of #CXChat, a weekly Twitter chat on CX and EX, and Director of Marketing and CX at M4 Communications Inc. Also, she’s an expert practitioner at The HiveMind Network, mentor at the GrowthMentor, member of Changing the Chemistry to help UK women have stronger voices on charity and corporate boards, and Director at Customer Institute. Her expertise includes building, leading, and scaling high-performance cross-functional teams, Digital Marketing Strategy, Omni-Channel CX, Customer Journey Mapping, mentoring employees, and more.

Marilyn Suttle – Success Strategy Coach, Engagement Speaker, Virtual Trainer, Retreat Facilitator

Powerful traits of an effective customer service team

An internationally recognized customer service expert, Certified Virtual Speaker, and bestselling author, Marilyn works with leaders who want caring, engaged, and resilient teams who create strong customer relationships that last. Her inspirational (and fun) programs teach audiences how to make Suttle Shifts for breakthrough success at work and in life using service excellence practices and mindset management. She endears customers to organizations, consumers to brands, and leaders to their highest vision of success.

Hannah Louise Cox – Executive Search Consultant at Douglas Jackson

Prides herself as a huge advocate of the customer and providing an exceptional Customer Experience, Hannah Lousie identifies talent within the Customer Experience space to engage for specialist roles, in order to shape business strategies and transform cultures. She is a passionate blogger and industry awards judge and has earned the Outstanding Contribution to Judging 2019 by UK Digital Experience Awards. She is currently working as an Executive Search Consultant at Douglas Jackson.

Kate Nasser – Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Author

Is employee experience and company culture interdependent?

The People Skills Coach™ and the author of Leading Morale, Kate Nasser has 20 years of experience in the industry and she continues to inspire leaders and teams to develop their skills. She delivers keynotes, coaching, workshops (in-person and online), and consulting for superior customer service, teamwork, employee engagement, and leading change to Fortune 500 companies, government, and mid-size organizations like Thomson Reuters, Honeywell, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, etc.

Emilia D’Anzica – Customer Success Evangelist, Author, Speaker, Customer Success Influencer

Transforming loyal customers into advocates

Emilia is a Customer Success Evangelist with expertise in structuring and scaling post-sales customer experiences. She is a Speaker, Author, and Customer Success Influencer. She was named one of the 2018 ‘7 Influential Women in Customer Success’ by Gainsight, one of the top 2018, 2017, and 2016 CS influencers & strategists by Mindtouch and received a Stevies Award for Customer Service in 2016. She is a former Chief Customer Officer of Copper and a former Board advisor at GetCatalyst.io and Crowdvocate.com. Emilia now spends her time consulting for companies seeking to scale their customer success organizations.

Jo Boswell – Customer Experience Innovator, Board Advisor, Executive Coach, CX Influencer

How organisations can deliver great CX in 2021

Jo Boswell is a CX Influencer who advises organizations on CX innovation and supports CX leaders with coaching development. She focuses particularly on helping organizations harness customer data, insight, and technology to drive CX improvements, whilst driving the cultural change needed to unlock value for themselves and their customers. She has spent 27 years in senior roles at British Airways prior to founding her company, Sentio-B, a CX consulting firm in 2018. She serves there as the Founder Director and is providing advisory and coaching services for Boards and senior leaders on how to drive transformation in their customer experience. She was listed in the Top 20 Customer Experience influencers by CX Magazine in 2019.

Olga Potaptseva – Executive Director, CX Implementation Coach, CX Influencer

VoC measurement techniques

A Customer and Employee Experience author, mentor, influencer, keynote speaker, coach, and consultant, Olga Potaptseva has over 20 years of experience in advising, consulting, and mentoring leading organizations and individuals around the world across industry verticals like Insurance, Telco, Banking, Hospitality, Retail. She is the founder of European Customer Consultancy, a unique virtual consultancy that gives you the tools and the support to implement CX initiatives 3-4 times faster. Also, she has been listed in the UK’s top 25 Customer Experience (CX) Influencers and is part of judging & advisory boards at CX Awards around the world.

Olga Guseva – CCXP, Co-Author of “Customer Experience” #1 bestseller on Amazon

Why brands still struggle with CX strategies

An international Customer Experience Strategy Expert and Customer-Centric culture transformation Specialist, Olga Guseva is a Keynote Speaker, internationally published Author, Blogger, and Consultant. She is a recognized CXPA trainer, CCXP, CXPA member, and the founder of Integria Consult, a consulting company, focused on Customer Experience and working with the leading Russian brands.

Rebecca Brown- Co-Founder, Think Wow Limited

Rebecca is a highly experienced CX practitioner and a regular monthly contributor to CXM. On daily basis, Rebecca shares her intense passion for CX with her 15000 followers on LinkedIn, presenting common customer painpoints and how to resolve them in the most practical and engaging way.

Rebecca was also a Judge at the UK CX Awards 20 and UK Complaint Handling Awards 20. She cites the launch of a free anti-bullying health-check as her proudest CX moment, which affirms her beliefs in safe and ethical employee culture.

Mary Drumond – CX Thought Leader, Chief Marketing Officer at Worthix, Host of Voices of CX

Building growth hacking strategies for start-ups

With over a decade of experience in management, digital marketing strategies, public speaking, growth strategies, and multi-language communication skills (trilingual), Mary Drumond is now the Chief Marketing Officer at Worthix. She is also the Host and Producer of the Voices of CX Podcast and interviews CX thought-leaders, executives, researchers, academia and Customer Experience front-liners, and occupies the position of Editor in Chief of the Voices of CX Blog.

Rosaria Cirillo- Author, CX Management Advisor and trainer at Wow Now Customer Experience. 

From NPS and VOC to Happiness Driven Growth

She has been advising large multinationals and fast-growing medium companies about Customer Experience, through her workshops, Customer Experience Masterclasses, and public talks. 

Customer Experience has been her passion & profession while Multiplying Happiness and creating a more Human-Centered world is her drive as she wants to transform the way companies imagine, design, and deliver Experiences & Happiness.

Ivy Ikpeme-Mbakwem - Chief Experience Officer of Africa Prudential Plc. 

How customer-centricity builds better products

Ivy is a CX Thought Leader, Growth Coach, and Author. Her passion for CX fuels her to drive customer-centricity amongst organizations to drive growth. By leveraging disruptive technology, and applying human-centered design practices, she aims to create products that empower teams to deliver ‘The Experience.” As a certified DISC Behavioural Analysis Trainer and a member of the John Maxwell Team, she lives to coach and mentor teams to bring about a transformation in their personal lives and to liberate minds. 

Nnenna Ijeoma Okeke - Chief Customer Experience Officer at SV Gaming Limited

The next big contact center?

Nnenna is a Strategic thinker, and a customer experience and advanced contact center operations expert. With over 15 years of experience, she has worked with global brands in the telecommunications space and has delivered excellent results while providing leadership and direction to large teams with a goal of innovating. She helps brands with implementing a smarter approach to customer experience while consistently meeting and exceeding the ever-evolving needs of their customers. 

Elise Marengo - Head of Customer Success at Userpilot

Has employee and customer experience always been interdependent?

She has been in the teaching industry and now stepping into the customer success network. One of her biggest goals has been ensuring, no matter what, our customers feel supported, regardless of how many companies we have in our portfolios, each feels like they are the only one! While this sometimes appears to be an impossible feat, She believes with some strategy and patience, it can be done. Elise trusts that only one thing remains constant, be it at school or business that is-  Education

Debbie Akwara – CX-Preneur, CX Author, CX Conference Speaker

The customer experience checklist

Debbie Akwara is a CX entrepreneur that designs products, services, and solutions that helps businesses attract, satisfy, and retain customers while improving the customer experience management (CXM) capabilities of teams. She has over 20 years of experience in delivering CX success for local, pan African, and international organizations. She is a CX Consultant, Author, and Speaker. She is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Niche Customer Experience Consulting Firm (Nigeria’s 1st boutique CX consulting firm) through which she is on a mission to grow businesses across West Africa, one CX at a time. She is also the Founder of H.E.E.L.P. Foundation.

Katie Stabler – CCXP, Founder and Director of CX at Cultivate Customer Experience

How data transparency drives customer success

Katie Stabler is an accomplished & inspiring senior customer experience leader with experience in leading CX programs within complex structures and regulated environments. She is the Founder and Director of CULTIVATE Customer Experience by Design, of a Global Customer Experience Consultancy that helps you understand your customers and deliver an exceptional experience for exceptional results.

Stacy Sherman – Digital Marketer, Forbes Writer, Director of CX at Schindler

Humanizing business inside out

Bringing in a different perspective of humanizing business to differentiate companies beyond price, and building winning cultures, Stacy Sherman is a CX Strategist and Influencer who aims to connect authentic people & inspire great customer experiences fueled by motivated, engaged employees. Currently, she is the Director of Customer Experience and leading Employee engagement at Schindler Elevator Corp. She is also a Keynote Speaker, Coach, Podcaster, Blogger, Forbes Contributor, Host of “Women Leaders Making A Difference” community, and founding CX Board Member and Advisor at George Washington & Seton Hall University. She is also a prolific International Author and check out her two books on Customer Experience.

Jeannie Walters – CX Speaker, Consultant, Workshop Leader, Writer, Educator 

Micro-moments that matter

With 20 years of experience, Jeannie Walters has been assisting all types of companies, including Fortune 500 to achieve Customer Experience success. She is a founding member of CXPA, a member of Forbes Coaches Council, TEDx Speaker, certified CX Advisor, and Co-Host of the ‘Crack The Customer Code’ Podcast. She is the CEO and Chief Customer Experience Investigator at Experience Investigators, specializing in qualitative, human evaluations of the real customer experience through a process called Customer Experience Investigation (CXI®).

Annette Franz – Customer Experience Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author 

Empathizing with customers

With almost 30 years in the customer experience domain, Annette Franz, CCXP is the Founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc. She is an internationally recognized Customer Experience Thought Leader, Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author of ‘Customer Understanding: Three Ways to Put the “Customer” in Customer Experience’ (and at the Heart of Your Business). She is also the 2020 CXPA Board Chair and an Advisory Board Member for CX@UCI. She strongly believes that corporate culture and employee experience directly impact customer experience

Claire Boscq-Scott – Global CX Guru, Keynote Speaker, Business Consultant

Intrinsic motivation for extrinsic results

Listed in the UK Customer Experience Influencers by CXMagazine, Claire Boscq-Scott is a Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Trainer, and Author of two books, Thrive with the Hive and Thriving by Caring. She is a Global CX Guru who aims to bring a more holistic approach to Employee & Customer Experience and empowering companies to create Sensorial experiences.

Blake Morgan – Customer Experience Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author

Industry Leader in customer experience, Blake Morgan is a Keynote Speaker, Author of two books, a Customer Experience Futurist, and a Guest Lecturer at Columbia University. Additionally, she is an Adjunct Faculty at the Rutgers executive education MBA program, Contributor of the Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Hemispheres Magazine, Host of The Modern Customer podcast, and Co-Host of The Be Your Own Boss podcast.

Did we miss someone?

We could have missed some CX mavens that deserve to be on this list. That’s where you come into the picture.

Let us know who you think should be included in our list and we’ll get in touch with them and make the magic happen! 

Note: The influencers in this list are selected based on their research work, social media influence & followership, achievements, and association with the innovation in the AI domain. This article is not intended to convey any form of ranking amongst the influencers listed here.

WOMEN ARE UNSTOPPABLE! Check out the latest list of top 50 leaders who have strived to make a significant change in shaping tomorrow.

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