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30 Most Inspiring Women in AI

Engati Team
Mar 31

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Most Inspiring Women in AI

There is a BIG BIG BIIIIIIIIIIG gender gap in the field of technology

According to the World Economic Forum, women account for only 22% of AI experts worldwide.

In Science, Technology, Engineering, and other fields, it is critical to address the gender diversity issue.

The only way to close the gender gap in AI and eliminate bias is to encourage more women to pursue technical fields.

Women role models are critical in breaking down gender stereotypes and encouraging young girls to pursue STEM careers. 

We're sharing this article about the most remarkable women in AI and technology to encourage gender diversity and honor the achievements of Women in Artificial Intelligence

Ujjyaini Mitra


Ujjyaini Mitra is the strategic advisor at Zupervise and the founder & CEO of She goes beyond ‘Best in Class’, and is passionate to build ‘Next in Class’ innovative solutions for businesses using design thinking, innovation, and AI. She has over 14 years of rich Leadership experience in establishing Data as a Culture at large organizations. Her work experience is spread over the globe across industries like digital media & entertainment, e-commerce, telecommunication, just to name a few. 

Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan

Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan is a technical program manager at Google. She manages the ‘Women Techmakers Program’ in India. She is a data science enthusiast building tech expertise in machine learning and Google Cloud. She enjoys nurturing communities and empowering women to join, thrive, and lead in the tech industry.

‍Tyler Cohen Wood


Tyler Wood is a keynote speaker, author, blogger, national security expert, overall cyber authority, and the co-founder of Dark Cryptonite. She is relied on to provide unique insight into cyber threats, cyber warfare, mitigating cyber risk, national security, and ensuring industries have the tools and knowledge they need to defend themselves in the digital world. 

Katie King


Katie King is the CEO of AI in business and AI ethics advisor for RAD AI. Additionally, she is a board advisor, a published author, and a keynote speaker on artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation. With over 30 years of experience, she has advised many of the world’s leading brands and business leaders, including Accenture, PA Consulting, Orange, etc. 

‍Caitlin Smallwood


Caitlin Smallwood is the VP of data & insights at Netflix. Caitlin heads various data science functions at Netflix – the world’s most popular OTT platform with over 50 million subscribers. She has leveraged her expertise in AI-enabled analytics and recommendations systems for various application use cases including data engineering, statistical research, consumer research, personalizing recommendations, and developing mathematical models that enhance Netflix and make it what it is today. 

Priyanka Roy


Priyanka is the data & AI solution area specialist at Microsoft. She’s passionate about solving business problems with technology. In her 15 years of international experience across India, Germany, the USA & New Zealand, she has helped businesses make better decisions and improve performance by unleashing the power of their data through business intelligence & analytics. Along the way, she has led, built, and mentored teams to design and deliver data and AI solutions.

Nadia Vincent


Nadia Vincent is a digital transformation and AI executive advisory, chief innovation and digital transformation officer at Luxxie Lime - Luxury & Lifestyle Hospitality.

She has extensive experience in leading high-profile digital transformation projects and programs in Fortune 100 organizations from start to finish. She has created the digital transformation success formula as the approach for a 360° business transformation.

Aleksandra Przegalinska


Aleksandra is an associate professor & vice rector at Kozminski University and senior research associate at Harvard University. She has a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and is interested in new technologies, sustainable technological growth, and media studies. Her current specialization is in wearable tech. 

Tulsee Doshi


Tulsee is the product lead for Google’s efforts in ML Fairness and Responsible AI, driving a deeper understanding of how we can build user experiences that are diverse, inclusive, and ethical. Her goal is to drive a human-centered approach to the development of machine learning-based technology and experiences so that we build systems that can truly work for everyone. She developed an expertise in product management for machine-learning products, with a particular focus on AI ethics in policy & product development. 


Nazareen Ebrahim 


As a media and communications specialist, Nazareen has consulted on, experienced, and directed the workings of online and corporate communications and marketing across a variety of industries like tech, education, agriculture, and retail, over the last 15 years.  She recently began her journey towards becoming an AI ethics officer to strengthen the AI African report research team at tech social enterprise Socially Acceptable, where she is the CEO and Founder. 

Dr. Dorothea Baur


Dorothea Baur is the owner of Baur Consulting AG. She advises companies, non-profit organizations, and foundations on ethics, responsibility, and sustainability- with a focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance and responsibility, finance, tech & data privacy. She identifies opportunities and risks at the interface between business, technology, society, and the environment while developing innovative strategies and an effective approach to ethical questions. 

‍Romina Sharifpour


Romina Sharifpour is an AI/ ML solutions architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). She has helped many clients in building innovative and progressive corporate strategies fostered by advancements in data science and AI. Her leadership qualities and strategic vision are amplified by her experience in building and managing high-performing teams, coaching, and mentoring with her endeavor to stay up to date with the relevant advancements in the field.

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach - A-speakers A new view of AI


Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach is a technology strategist experienced in the domain of the high-tech ecosystem and is the leading author for "The Artificial Intelligence Imperative”, and the managing director of The ExCo Group. She’s able to structure partnership agreements with global technology companies offering a competitive advantage. She inspires and motivates people and relies on powerful analytics to solve problems and facilitate rapid decision-making.  

Maria Luciana Axente

Maria Luciana Axente is the lead for Responsible AI & AI for Good at PwC UK. She leads the implementation of ethics in AI for the firm on three-level at an organization, product/team, and individual level partnering with industry, academia, governments, NGO, and civil society. She helps PwC harness the power of AI ethically and responsibly while acknowledging the benefits and risks in many walks of life. 

Bindu Narayan


Bindu Narayan is the senior manager (advanced analytics and AI) at EY. She is an analytics professional with a passion for mentoring and solutions. What drives her is developing analytical solutions and products with a clear market value proposition. 

She believes there is a lot that organizations can and should do with data. She specializes in team management and delivery, predictive modeling, statistical modeling, and machine learning. 

‍Jane Frankland

Jane Frankland is an award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, and best-selling author. She focuses on business strategy and high performance in cybersecurity and is a world authority on attracting and retaining women in this field. She has been named a UNESCO trailblazing woman, as the third most influential person in cybersecurity in the UK, and is a top twenty global influencer. 

Peggy Tsai

Peggy is the chief data officer at BigID, Co-author of The AI Book and tech start-up advisor. She focuses on elevating data governance programs with new innovative technology, specifically machine learning and artificial intelligence. She has ranked as Top 50 Women in Tech 2020 & 2021. 

Salema Rice


Salema Rice is the global managing director of Applied Intelligence and a member of the Accenture leadership team. She is a senior executive with over 25 years experience directing data management strategies, AI transformation, digital innovation, and advising large complex Fortune 500 companies. Her focus today is on leveraging AI to make the world a better place! ​

Carina Zehetmaier

Carina Zehetmaier is the CEO & CO-Founder at Taxtastic. She’s a legal expert with several years of experience working in international organizations and foreign affairs. Her interest lies in entrepreneurship and new technologies, especially artificial intelligence and the interlinkages with law, ethics, and society, Carina is also an Ambassador Women in AI Austria. 

Surbhi Rathore


Surbhi Rathore is the CEO and co-founder of She is an international tech leader who advocates for women in AI with a personal mission to inspire more women to work in Data Science. She is a national speaker, and accessibility equity champion, and the ultimate adventure capitalist.

Amala Duggirala 


Amala is the EVP & enterprise chief information officer at USAA. She’s an accomplished technology leader with large-scale strategic and product delivery expertise. She focuses on strategic transformation through business-aligned technology strategy, for end to end process and strong leadership. 

Valeria Sadovykh


Valeria is an emerging technology leader, speaker, and scholar, with a penchant for solving societal challenges. Her expertise in the utilization ofAI ,ML, NLP, Intelligent Automation (IA), and digital transformation has shaped the business decisions of various multinational corporations across a range of industrie. She’s conferred the status of an ‘individual with extraordinary ability’ by the US Government for her green work. 

Kim Hazelwood


Kim is a specialist in the intersection of scalable computer systems and applied machine learning and the director of engineering at Meta AI. She held positions including director of research at Yahoo Labs, software engineer in the data centert division of Google, research scientist at Intel, and tenured associate professor at the University of Virginia. She is also a recipient of the MIT "Top 35 Innovators under 35"​ award.

Geetha Manjunath


Geetha is the founder and CEO of Niramai Health Analytix. She has over 25 years of research expertise in the IT industry and has proposed and lead multiple research projects in Artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing, cloud computing, and distributed computing. Her specialties include  artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, data analytics, big data, etc.

Jana Eggers

Jana Eggers


Jana is the CEO of Nara Logics and a digital advisory board member at Fannie Mae. She has grown companies from no revenue to successful business models and successful acquisitions. She contributes to ethical, explainable, and deployable AI, customer-inspired innovation, etc. 

Vini Jaiswal

Vini is a developer advocate at Databricks. She has a deep background in data science, data architectures, data engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology. She has been spotlighted as Rivery’s “top 2021 Influencer” in big data, data science and analytics. 

Amanda Obidike


Amanda is an accomplished non-profit leader and board member with extensive experience in directing social enterprises and complex organizations in Africa, Europe, and MENA Nations. She’s Forbes science council and board advisory on social innovation. 

Sadie St. Lawrence


Sadie St. Lawrence is the founder and CEO of Women in Data. She has trained over 350,000 people in data science and is the course developer for the machine learning certification for UC Davis. She’s a well-renowned speaker and a podcaster, and her work has been featured in USA Today, Dataversity. 

Tatsiana Maskalevich


Tatsiana is director of data science at Shopify. She brings a background in both mathematics and statistics and has deep experience building products for predicting user behavior and implementing solutions at scale.

Dr. Radhika Dirks


Dr. Radhika Dirks is CEO & Co-founder at Ribo AI LLC. Her specialties include artificial intelligence & quantum computing. Radhika’s artificial intelligence leadership includes co-founding She has been featured in Top 30 Women in Advanced AI.  

We want to hear from you

We could have missed some women that deserve to be on this list. That’s where you come into the picture.

Let us know who you think should be included in our list and we’ll get in touch with them and make the magic happen! 

Note: The influencers in this list are selected based on their research work, social media influence & followership, achievements, and association with the innovation in the AI domain. This article is not intended to convey any form of ranking amongst the influencers listed here.

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2. Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan‍.
3. ‍Tyler Cohen Wood.
4. Katie King.
5. ‍Caitlin Smallwood.
6. Priyanka Roy.
7. Nadia Vincent.
8. Aleksandra Przegalinska.
9. Tulsee Doshi.
10. Nazareen Ebrahim."