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Engati gets a facelift! A new user interface for chatbot building

Engati Team
Sep 8
5-6 mins

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A new user interface for chatbot building

The digital market is very user-centric, there is no doubt about that. We at Engati, strive to bring our users the best features and great experience every chance we get. Towards the end of the second quarter of 2019, the Engati live chat and chatbot platform received upgrades contributing to our efforts in bringing our users the most streamlined experience. So, welcome the new user interface of Engati! In short, we made the platform more user-friendly to fit the niche of our customer's creativity and quality. Let's get a more detailed view below.

Engati's new user interface for bot building
Engati's new user interface for bot building

What has changed in the user interface?

The navigation system has been upgraded to ensure smooth, efficient, and effective management when undergoing chatbot building.


New Homepage

The Home panel now enables you to have an overview of all your chatbots along with information on their engagement, content and channels. That doesn’t mean they cannot concentrate on engaging your users. If anything, you get a better idea of what your bots are up to at a glance. Introducing our new landing page. It offers the perfect preview of your bots’ performance. You can refer this article for landing page examples.



If you have used our previous version of the portal, you would know that we had the dashboard as the landing page on our portal. One more problem that is fixed with the new UI deals with users having to navigate through different dashboards for engagement details, retraining and editing responses.

The developers at Engati finally addressed this issue bothering our users. All the features are now rolled up into one sweet dropdown menu, allowing you swift access and the satisfaction of faster editing time. Every second you save in tinkering with your bot, your bots can spend earning your customers’ trust.


Top Panel

The top panel is where we have made some pretty neat and necessary changes for ease of access. Earlier, in the portal, we had to switch between bots by going to the navigation panel. This function has now been assigned a spot on the top panel that you then click to open a drop-down menu containing all your bots.

We have also overhauled the support, knowledge base and help videos to the top panel. You can find these by clicking on the support icon on the top panel located right beside the bot switching panel. Along with these, contact information and news tabs can also be found integrated onto the support drop-down menu on the top panel.


Conversation Modeler

Our conversational modeler is perhaps the most friendly one and our users love us for it. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. We can now have a full view of the complex path flows that you can construct with an ease familiar only to Engati users.

Further, the ability to copy a path or node will help you avoid those recurring additions while creating a new bot or just tinkering with an old one. You can also test your paths as you build them, this allows for a more engaging and enhanced the user experience for chatbot building.


Live Chat

We did away with the older Live chat software and improved on our basic thoughts about the way we wanted people to interact with the platform while using Live Chat.

With our newly rolled out version of the platform, you can see that the live chat screen is wider. The action buttons were not visually prominent, for our users’ ease, we have repositioned them. You can now find the action buttons placed on the right side of your live chat window, providing you with a smoother experience when you're building your chatbot.


Other Upgrades

There is a whole new section to allow you to keep track of interaction history and provide training options based on the same. This is the new section on the menu under the name Train. The menu previously labeled as Channels is now called Deploy, contains a wide range of channels where your bots can be deployed through our platform. Settings is now Configure where you can change the basic behaviour of your bot, for eg., the delay between responses, contextual conversation settings, etc.


We at Engati bring the best possible experience for our users. When you voice your concerns, we are listening. So be bold and voice your worries, we will definitely look into them. We hope our newest upgrades help both you and your business. If you haven’t tried our platform yet, now is as good a time as any.

Explore the new interface and register with Engati to begin your journey towards digital transformation.

Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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