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13 ways to improve automobile dealership sales and service

Engati Team
Jun 23
3-4 mins

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Ways to improve automobile dealership sales and service

Automobile Industry

Since 1931, the automobile industry has been predominantly populated with cars like Holden, Ford, and Toyota. When General Motors shut down production in 2016 due to low demand, Holden and Toyota remained committed to producing cars locally. The vastness and extensive road network of the country, made automobiles an integral part of the culture.

Get closer, friendlier and more responsive

As cars get more advanced there is an increasing drive to get better. The digital age is around us. Facebook messenger and others are now part of our daily lives with users across generations. How does one connect a rich history of the automobile industry to new age changing consumer habits?

How do they ensure a closer, friendlier and more responsive drive? AI Technology is the only enabler.

But how?

Mobile apps and websites have only experienced with mixed success. They are majorly based on pull type channels for customers. It becomes difficult for local brands to stay relevant with the consumers using these type of traditional pull channels. Pull channels also require a lot of push advertising and spend.  

Mobile apps tend to have mobile fatigue and get uninstalled for more messaging, social, entertainment and shopping apps. Consistency of engagement is lacking. This is forcing dealers to fall back on inefficient old age channels like phones and manning service desks with people. How does technology help dealers to be proactive rather than just reactive?

Chatbots are the answer, they're the best customer engagement tools to use. They are a new age medium that does not require the traditional app download. Hence, saving consumers bandwidth and smartphone memory. And they even have much lower uninstall rates. Moreover, apps tend to be clunky with the inherent difficulty in providing a rich interface. That, in fact, is intuitive given the small mobile phone screen size.

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies make chatbots a very viable medium. Mostly, to capture new consumers, interact and deepen the relationships with existing ones.

Want your very own Google, Wikipedia and Amazon?

Automobile dealerships all over the world are adopting chatbots to provide rich pinpoint information, insights and help people find information, buy, maintain, insure and service our automobiles. It's like having google to answer questions, wikipedia to provide information about products and services and amazon to perform transactions for your own brand. All with a query type conversational interface.

The automobile industry will need to, however, pickup in their adoption of this new generation access channel. It is driven by the latest advances in Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to keep innovating. This is because they have typically done it over the years.

How to drive automobile sales?


Car Details, Brochures, Configurations, Pricing

Chatbots can help in providing detailed summaries of a Car, can share the brochure, or even tell the customer the price for the model that you are looking for.


Test Drive Booking

Chatbots can help the customer easily book the car to test drive at a specific time or an available time slot.


Financial Tools and EMI Calculators

Chatbots can help in assessing the cost needed to purchase or service the car. Also with the help of EMI Calculators, it easies the process of purchasing for your customers by arming them with information beforehand and making the buying experience smoother.


Offer Blasts

Chatbots can help in broadcasting the new car offers, discounts, sales, and service promotions to a large no. of customers thereby offering another platform to increase sales.


Service booking

Chatbots can help in the booking of service schedules. Also, it can help in reminding the customers of car services that are pending and automate the process.


Accidental Assistance

Got into an accident at 3 AM? Have no one to listen to? Chatbots can help through their Intelligent 24/7 systems to connect to nearest care centers, book a cab home, arrange for towing service and even provide estimates and servicing status.


Damage Repair Quotes

Chatbots can help in providing cost estimates for repair and damages.


Hotline Call Numbers

Need an assistant? Ask the bot to provide you the hotline numbers, and try connecting to a Human instead.


Driving Schools and Nearby Stations

Chatbots can help in finding the local driving schools where you learn to drive, or Petrol and gas stations wherever you are stuck and need them.


Service Centers

Moving to different locations? Chatbots can help in finding service centers near you, in case you need them. Moreover, bookings are made easy.


Past records

A Chatbot can archive past records of a customer, which may range from car purchases, services availed, insurance claims, or even discounts & rewards. All the data can be saved & retrieved very easily.


Insurance and Service Reminders

Your customers can get reminders of insurance & services which are pending, through chatbots.


Greater Customer Satisfaction and Increased Sales

One of the most important aspects of any business, indeed. Customer satisfaction is achieved when customers get a timely reply to their needs. Therefore, chatbots can do that for you because that's exactly what they are capable of. Actually, even more.

In the end, you get maximum exposure and in return, increased sales.

We at Engati, along with Pratham Motors created something unique using the cases above to provide an automobile chatbot. The chatbot is successful in creating a unique customer experience and driving sales to the company.


Chatbots are here to stay for good. It's great that they have come in the first place. The earlier dealerships sign up for a chatbot the more intelligent it grows. This happens over time as it handles more volumes and learns from interactions. Engati has developed various dealership chatbots and can help you with all of the above.

It's cheaper than you think and a fraction of the cost of mobile apps and websites. We will get you set up in no time.

So, get your own intelligent assistant 24 hours a day by registering with Engati.

Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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