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5 key steps involved in software testing

Megha Baweja
Jul 20
2-3 mins

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Steps involved in software testing

Software testing is an important phase in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which is often ignored and its feasibility and benefits are often evaluated with doubt. Any product’s success is calculated by its quality and customer constancy on that product.

Software testing is now a key component of software development because it improves consistency and performance. 

Though the main benefit of testing involves finding errors and defects, it also helps the team in understanding actual and expected outcomes so that they can improve the quality of their products. 

Why software testing is important?


Software testing saves money

The testing of software has a lot of benefits. Cost-effectiveness is one of the top reasons why companies should go for software and automation testing services. It helps avoid the extra costs that occur to fix issues after the product is released to the market.



It is another crucial point why software and automation testing should be taken into consideration. It is considered to be the most sensitive part. There are a bunch of situations in which the information and details of the users are stolen and they are used for the benefits. It is considered to be the reason why people look for tested and reliable products. As a specific product undergoes testing, the user can be ensured that they are going to receive a reliable product. Testing makes products more vulnerable.


Customer satisfaction

Software testing makes sure that the software is user-friendly and as per the user expectations. That makes it capable of being used by the customers it is intended for. Those who expertise in software application pentesting are familiar with the needs of customers, and unless the software can satisfy a customer’s needs, it would be a practically useless investment. Different kinds of software have different kinds of customers. That’s why just like developers, testers also tend to specialise in certain kinds of software designs. That’s what makes software testing all the more resourceful in gaining customer confidence. 



If the performance of the software is low, you will find that it brings your reputation down in the market. Users are not going to trust any people. There are chances that the reputation of your organization is going to suffer. Software testing also helps in determining the performance of the Product.

What are the steps in software testing?

ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 is a series of five international standards for software testing which is followed for any SDLC model in developing software for any organization, under the general title Software and systems engineering — Software testing:

Software testing standards and process.
Software testing standards


ISO/IEC 29119-1 (2013): Concepts & Definitions

This forms the Core of all the other standards in the series as it helps in understanding and adopting other standards.


ISO/IEC 29119-2 (2013): Test Processes

This standard follows a risk management approach. It basically defines a general process model for software testing, that can be used in any Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).


ISO/IEC 29119-3 (2013): Test Documentation

It stresses on documentation. It provides a set of templates which are quite standardised and stable in nature to cover the entire software testing life cycle. The templates can be customised depending on an organisation's requirements. 


ISO/IEC 29119-4 (2015): Test Techniques

This standard defines design strategies/techniques that can be applied in organisations and SDLC models. It defines names for test techniques to be used in functional and structural testing. Each technique defines details such as – test conditions, test coverage, test cases, etc.


ISO/IEC 29119-5 (2016): Keyword Driven Testing

This standard is intended for users who want to create keyword-driven tests and create corresponding frameworks or build test automation suites based on specific keywords

Here's a nice article on testing automation frameworks!

For more details on the Software Testing Standards, please visit ISO’s official website.

Here's a good article on Project Discovery Phase for you to check out.


With the aid of software testing, you will be capable of verifying each and every aspect of the product and, you will be capable of saving from the complaints and gain a high prominence slowly but gradually.

Which is why we included the training section for the chatbot module- to allow businesses to train the chatbots to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Also do check out this list of 55+ tech podcasts to know more on how digital devices have change our lives.

Megha Baweja

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2. ISO/IEC 29119-2 (2013): Test Processes.
3. ISO/IEC 29119-3 (2013): Test Documentation.
4. ISO/IEC 29119-4 (2015): Test Techniques.
5. ISO/IEC 29119-5 (2016): Keyword Driven Testing."