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13 Ways a chatbot can drive sales for auto dealership

Cheryl Hearts
min read
13 Ways a chatbot can drive sales for auto dealership

Artificial Intelligence and Messaging Platforms are the future and driving forces of interactions between a user & a brand. When these two combine, chatbots are what you get to drive sales. Chatbots have been fuelling development for quite some time now but 2018 is the year when we truly realise their potential.

According to a study by Business Insider, 80% of the businesses will implement chatbots by the year 2020. And to realise this, preparations have already begun to drive sales.

A Chatbot can be used in a variety of use cases. For Auto Dealerships, a chatbot can do wonders when it comes to driving sales or customer support. Either your customers want to book a test drive of their dream car or want to get reminders of the insurance or car servicing, a Chatbot can always help 24/7. So forget those long on call waiting times or getting different answers for your problems from Customer representatives. A Chatbot will never disappoint you. In fact, a chatbot can provide help to auto dealerships.

Here are 13 unique ways to drive sales-

  1. Car Details/Brochure, Configurations, Pricing Tables
    Chatbots can help in providing the detailed summaries of a Car, can share the brochure or even tell the customer the price for the model that you are looking for.
  2. Test Drive Booking
    Chatbots can help the Customer to easily book the car to test drive at a specific time or an available time slot.
  3. Financing Tools/EMI Calculators
    Chatbots can help in assessing the cost needed to purchase or service of the car. Also with the help of EMI Calculators, it easies the process of purchasing for your customers by arming them with information beforehand and making the buying experience smoother.
  4. Offer Blasts
    Chatbots can help in broadcasting the new car offers, discounts, sales and service promotions to a large no. of customers thereby offering another platform to increase sales.
  5. Service Booking
    Chatbots can help in the booking of service schedules. Also it can help in reminding the customers of car services that are pending and automate the process.
  6. Accidental Assistance
    Got into an accident at 3 AM? Have no one to listen to? Chatbots can help through their Intelligent 24/7 systems to connect to nearest care centres, book a cab home, arrange for towing service and even provide estimates and servicing status.
  7. Damage Repair Quotes
    Chatbots can help in providing cost estimates for repair and damages.
  8. Hotline Call Numbers
    Need an assistant? Ask the bot to provide you the hotline numbers, and try connecting to a Human instead.
  9. Driving Schools / Petrol and gas stations
    Chatbots can help in finding the local driving schools where you learn to drive, or Petrol and gas stations wherever you are stuck and need them.
  10. Service Centres
    Moving to different locations? Chatbots can help in finding service centres near you, in case you need them. Moreover, bookings are made easy.
  11. Past Records
    A Chatbot can archive past records of a customer, which may range from car purchases, services availed, insurance claims, or even discounts & rewards. All the data can be saved & retrieved very easily.
  12. Insurance & Service Reminders
    Your customers can get reminders of insurance & services which are pending, through chatbots.
  13. Greater Customer Satisfaction & Increased Sales
    One of the most important aspects of any business, indeed. Customer satisfaction is achieved when customers get a timely reply to their needs. Therefore, chatbots can do that for you because that's exactly what they are capable of. Actually, even more.

In the end, you get maximum exposure and in return, increased sales.

We at Engati, along with Pratham Motors created something unique using the cases above to provide an automobile chatbot. Chatbot is live and is successful in creating unique customer experience and driving sales to the company.

Here is the Youtube link for the Pratham Bot -

Benefits of using Engati

  • Reduce operational and service expense
  • Get a new age platform to wow your customers
  • Increase engagement with customers and touch-points
  • Multiply reach, increase breadth and depth of engagement
  • Rich analytics and customer interaction
  • Instantaneous response without the need for human response delays
  • Train your own bots
  • Chatbot web widget integration on your websites

So, get yours now in a few minutes and drive sales to your business faster.

Want to take chatbot automation for a spin? Register with Engati to schedule a test drive on your road to delivering enhanced customer experiences.

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