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Automate engagement with customers, employees and leads 24/7

Build conversation flows without any coding in less than 10 minutes

Never miss a conversation. Automate engagement across 14 channels with easy setup

Get started in an instant. Quickly train the bot with FAQ & documents

Provide a consistent customer experience using multi-lingual bots and respond in 50+ languages

Customise bots, leverage professional services & integrate with multiple apps instantly

Customer Support Software

Engati Livechat

Make every conversation count. Engage with your customers across 14+ channels with live support

Improve agent productivity with a one-view inbox across multiple channels

Be cost-effective and resolve queries faster with intelligent automation available 24/7

Reduce response time and improve CSAT with advanced skill based routing

With multi-lingual chat support, converse in 50+ languages & integrate with multiple apps

Continuously improve efficiency with real-time administrations and dashboards

A few global brands that use Engati in 54 languages across 186 countries

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See what our Customers say about us

"The Engati chatbot platform is so easy to use and efficient. It does not need technical skills"
We are especially impressed with the Dashboard feature where it manages all the questions put in by the user and the user can filter down the questions, alter it, add new questions, and extract report as per his requirement. It maintains a log of the user activity too. Also, the support service is appreciable. Overall, we are glad to work with you.
"Impressed with how quickly the software continues to evolve and grow."
Thank you so much for all the help you've given us. With Engati all of our support tickets have been resolved extremely quickly. On the development side I am also impressed with how quickly the software continues to evolve and grow.
"The reason for choosing Engati is the platform itself "
Its advanced capabilities, drag and drop option among many other features and rich UI made us choose Engati amongst all the other platforms, like Manychat, Chatfuel, etc. which we were evaluating.
"Engati is a very robust and easy to use multichannel Bot platform."
Their great service and development makes it a highly flexible off-the-shelve solution which we advice for a lot of our clients. Their unique technical flexibility makes everything possible without the need for in-depth development expertise.
"I really liked the platform, I tried other options to create a bot or prototypes and were insufficient"
The best for me, was the possibility to "train" the software with your own needs. It helps a lot to personalize your bot.
"Engati has the potential to become one of the leading commercial chatbot platforms in the world. "
The thing which I liked the most was its intuitive UX and easy learning curve. The portal allows you to develop a chatbot on multiple platforms in a matter of minutes.
“It is a product, service and a partnership we would like to grow”
eNgoma now belongs to the National Covid Response Committee and implemented Engati which helped in terms of reporting and in being able to monitor the current conversation and concerns of the public, which isn’t possible to achieve by using other systems like billboards, flyers etc. This has given us a huge reporting platform that can be fitted into the national reporting system.
"Engati Chatbot not only works for general FAQs but also serves as a selling channel for us."
Through our website we are now offering insurance purchase and support. A majority of our customers are being served by the bots. So this is not just serving general FAQs but also serves as a selling channel for us which is going well. The Engati team has also helped us by enhancing the product with important features & customizations that added value for us
"Looked at AI bot from several sources. Their Facebook version is topnotch."
Ease of use. Their team is great to talk to. I like how I can import/export the dialog file. Really easy to add/edit/combine the rule-based dialog live or in excel.
"Simple though powerful bot building platform. "
Thank you so much for all the help you've given us. With Engati all of our support tickets have been resolved extremely quickly. On the development side I am also impressed with how quickly the software continues to evolve and grow.
"Ease of use, and so simple to link up with facebook."
The paths are so easy to create and link up. Yes, it also helps me to easily bypass the usual facebook authorization and review for apps. But then Believe me, Engati is BAE (Before anyone else).
"Engati is the best software I have ever used, trust me I have used quite a few!"
I can't praise the company enough for everything they have done for my company. The Engati team is eager to differentiate and offers a great customer experience. We have everything from our knowledge base including videos on to our bot, my customers love it!
"It is easy to use and smart"
A lot of bot builders that are considered the best, like FlowXO or Snatchbot, I have tried them all. Engati is better in any category, it is easy to use and smart