Pick and Drop

A chatbot template for every move that you forget, and it gets you everything right at your place.

Template Details

Made by

Team Engati


E-Commerce / Shopping


Track order

Customer are able to issue, manage and track order compaints and view delivery dates with the use of chatbots in the logictics industry

Returns & Refunds

Provide users the option to return the order via the bot


Collect payment via Stripe integration, a PCI DSS compliant payment gateway, in case of prepaid orders

Case Study

How iMile improves operational efficiency


With the huge inflow of repetitive queries coming, it was a struggle for iMile to scale engagement while boosting agent productivity. iMile needed a solution that engages customers over Facebook and their Website.


The bot answers multiple queries at once with multilingual support feature.With Engati’s omnichannel feature, iMIle deploys the bot on Facebook, WhatsApp, and website, attending to queries across multiple channel.

How iMile improves operational efficiency


users handled by the bot across channels


of users preferred Arabic over English


overhead cost avoided