Order Taking

This chatbot helps your customers to place an order over a chat and in turn, save time and money by automating the process.

Template Details

Made by

Team Engati


E-Commerce / Shopping


Browse Products

Walking customers through catalogues, suggestions, options and recommending products on ecommerce and providing retail support

Place Order

Allow users to add products to the cart

Track order

Customer are able to issue, manage and track order compaints and view delivery dates with the use of chatbots in the logictics industry

Case Study

Group Landmark


COVID-19 has revolutionized the customer journeys across industries. Users now expect answers and services to be as quick as possible. To meet the consumer needs, Group Landmark was looking for a solution that can provide support to the users in real time.


Engati's quick response over omnichannel helped them in answering customer queries quickly.

Group Landmark


questions are answered by the bot


users preferred WhatsApp over website


visitors were converted to MQLs