The chatbot provides the user options place their order , select delivery date and order size. The users can also track their shipment by sharing required credientials.

Template Details

Made by

Team Engati


E-Commerce / Shopping


Track order

Customer are able to issue, manage and track order compaints and view delivery dates with the use of chatbots in the logictics industry

Returns & Refunds

Provide users the option to return the order via the bot

Customer Support

Connect customers to an agent via the live chat option in case of complex queries.

Case Study

How DR Couriers improves logistics support with Engati


Customers were reaching out across several channels like phone calls, WhatsApp, email etc., which made it difficult for agents to hop across channels and manage all the conversations.


Engati’s live chat enabled DR Courier to onboard agents quickly and respond to queries with context.With Engati’s omnichannel capabilities in OneView inbox helps DR Couriers to deploy the solution across channels and made it possible for agents and the bot to respond with context from previous conversations.

How DR Couriers improves logistics support with Engati


reduction in wait time


users preferred WhatsApp over other channels