Loan Calculator

A mortgage is a massive financial commitment, so your customers need to know how much it’s going to cost - and you’ll always be here to help as the mortgage sales professional. The bot allows homebuyers to utilise a mortgage calculator and view the amortisation of a home loan.

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Generate quote

Generate and share a quote by integrating the bot with cloud-based or on-premise legacy systems

Lead generation

Engage with customers, convert buyers into more clients and closing more deals.


Collect payment via Stripe integration, a PCI DSS compliant payment gateway, in case of prepaid orders

Case Study

TMNF’s secret to delighting customers: Tokio


TMNF needed a solution to reduce customer wait times and attend to customer queries coming from multiple channels.


The bot provides quotes, renews a policy, reviews claim status,and answers FAQs round the clock. It fetches user information and can be deployed across 14 channels.

TMNF’s secret to delighting customers: Tokio


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