Cyberbully Awareness

Cyberbullying is a major concern in today's online communities. Awareness of the same is urgent. With this chatbot, you can simulate Cyberbully, Educate people on the same, and speed awareness.

Template Details

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Team Engati





Provide personalised information over live chat


Answer queries by allowing the bot to parse and provide relevant information from the documents using docuSense.

Customer Support

Connect customers to an agent via the live chat option in case of complex queries.

Case Study

Derailing COVID-19 in Zambia


Zambia was facing diiculties battling misinformation and fake news regarding COVID-19.They initially set up call centres to answer their citizen’s questions, but there was no way they could scale these call centres to suiciently deal with the influx of queries.


MoH Zambia use the most popular channel ie whatsapp to reach wider audience.With Engati, all they had to do was provide the WhatsApp Business number and the rest was taken care of. Engati has a quick solution called DocuSense technology, it became easier to train the bot by directly uploading documents.

Derailing COVID-19 in Zambia


population in Zambia uses WhatsApp.

20 days

saved with the bot deployed


user flows that were created in 7 days