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Want your own chatbot platform? Talk to us

White Label

Who is it for?

If you are a Digital agency, a customer services company, a consulting firm, a local reseller or distributor of future tech products, or an entrepreneur.

What do you need?

The zeal to sell, the excitement to dive into use cases that your customer wants, the ability to craft solutions that help businesses with automation and future tech conversational commerce and the belief that the world is moving from menus to conversations as a primary interaction model. No technology expertise mandatory - we will provide you support and everything you need to grow your platform.

Why white label?

Won’t it be awesome to have your own bot platform to build bots with up to 80% more speed? With a no-code platform that provides Enterprise strength, scale, a best of class NLP engine and robustness? All showing your own brand?

The Engati name will not appear anywhere on the platform. On bots, emails or on your application portal. Leverage the full power of Engati. It's for you as if built by you. Build bots for your customers or your local market without worrying about the latest technology or features or learning engines. Engati takes care of it for you.

What do you gain?

The ability to create or grow your brand in your local market or with your customers as an extension of your current offerings. And more importantly the ability to make commercial deals as you deem fit for prices that are supported in your local market.

What do you get?


Multi-Platform Support

Major messaging platforms supported - Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Line, Viber


Web Widget Integration

Chat bot web widget integration on your websites

Multi-lingual Support

Always on 365x24x7

Robust cloud-based architecture

easy integrations framework

Easy 10 min setup

GUI interface with plug and play components

Contextual Conversations

Response Personalisation

User profile information used to personalize chatbot behavior


Detailed Engagement Analytics

Track most frequently asked questions, actions, cohort analysis


Easy chat bot training

Train your bots as per your customer queries and needs

FAQ upload

Conversation flow definition

You can form your conversation flow depending on the user query

Skype for Business

What do you pay for?

A small annual fee for rebranding and setting up your own admin panel to administer your bots. You also get all the features and functions that are on the roadmap for the platform. Does not include the bot store. Our whole knowledge base as well as trainer videos as-is plus a 1-week training over all aspects of the platform.

Why Engati?

The fastest growing no code bot platform globally. With tested functionality across all domains, multi-lingual, across 145 countries and more than 10,000 customers. Here is the proof.



From one-to-one personalized training, video tutorials, and a comprehensive Knowledge Base, we make sure that your experience with Engati is easy and smooth.

Become a partner

To become a partner today or for more information, please let us know a bit about you. Our team will contact you for a demo and to walk you through the program